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January 21, 2013


The beginning of the semester means organizing my computer desktop. This is something I actually enjoy doing, but the other day as I rearranged icons, I was thinking about the folders on my desktop and how they were pertinent to my life. Did they have enough prominence to be on the home page or should some of those files be moved to “Documents,” where they were easily accessible, but not as easily. Most of the folders on my desktop are used everyday, so here they are – and what I use them for.

Background photo: Interestingly enough, my background is actually a photo of the Clark Crew Team from last year. It’s at our first meet and we all bonded so much. Though none of us in the original team row anymore (for a myriad of reasons), I’m still friends with those girls…I mean, we did have to wakeup at 5am everyday for each other.

Top Center:

A folder for each other classes I am taking. I would talk about them now but that would give away next week’s blog entry, when I talk about my classes, after I’ve had another week I should be better able to explain what each course is about.


Top left:

Summer Internships 2013: Gotta apply for these things early…


Middle left:

Sticky Notes: This has a brief list of what I want to accomplish for the day along with a second stickie that has more long-term goals or tasks that I need to get done.


Bottom left:

Photos: Pretty self-explanatory, everything that was once on my camera is now saved to the computer.

Professional: This is anything including resumes, cover letters, jobs leads that look interesting, etc.

Freight Farms: I am interning for this company…I’m sure I’ll write about it soon. The folder consists of all the documents that I write for them or any websites or links that get put on their social media outlets.

Weekly Schedule: Yes, I have an excel sheet with my weekly schedule so I can keep track of when everything is going on.

Scarlet Key Portal: This has all of the schedules for when everybody is working in Admissions and is home to a bunch of other logistical things that I check up on periodically.


Top right:

The train schedule: For my internship I travel to Boston once a week to work at the headquarters…and you guess it, I take the train. Some people don’t like public transportation, but I am a huge fan. In fact, it gives me time to complete work without any distractions. In fact, I am writing this blog on the train RIGHT NOW!

A link to my cousins company’s page: He posts some really awesome videos that I like to watch in my free time/when I’m procrastinating so I keep it close.

A link to an 8tracks radio station that I like: I listen to music all the time so it’s no surprise that Pandora Radio and this are highly visited sites.


Bottom right:

Clark Diaries 12-13: This is where I keep all the rough drafts of blog entries before I post them online; it’s such a gold mine.

The Local Root: This is a student run venture that I work with at Clark from the Entrepreneurship Program.

CUSC: Clark Undergraduate Student Council – and everything that relates to that.

Extra-Curriculars: Any links to documents that I have for activities or clubs that I am in.

Websites: This is a folder for any website that I find interesting or want to remember.

Quotes: One thing about me is that I LOVE quotes, so I keep a huge folder of one that I find. This is also home to the quotes that I post every week for “Motivational Monday.”



I find the set up quite interesting. Look at your desktop. What’s on the left, right, top, and bottom. Do you organize your icons in rows or groups, or not at all? Does the background image mean something to you or is it generic space filler?

For a class assignment, I was given a photo of someone’s desk and then had to answer a series of questions, deciding what they did for a living, his/her interests, etc. based on what they have on his/her desk. I’m not going to say that a computer desktop reveals everything about a person, but I think it’s safe to say that it does reveal a lot.

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