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December 11, 2012

Mid-College Crisis!

Many people might conclude, especially after reading the blog posts from this week, that the scariest part of college is finals.

I would beg to differ and say that the scariest part of college is how fast it goes by.

This semester was by far the fastest semester yet, and after talking with upperclassman it seems like each semester goes by faster than the one before it.

Right now my third semester at Clark has come to an end and I find myself in a stage that I have coined “MCC” or Mid-College Crisis.

Though it’s not the exact midpoint of my college career, it’s close enough, which is a scary idea in itself. At this point in time there are so many decisions to make, and as you all know from my previous posts, big life decisions are not my strong point.

Over the last few weeks I have found myself in similar conversations with over a dozen people that are also going through this “MCC.”

  1. Should I study abroad?
  2. Where should I go?
  3. What semester should I go?
  4. Should I go for a whole year?
  5. Should I go to a different country for a semester and go to Washington, DC for a semester?
  6. Should I only go to Washington, DC since I’ve technically already studied abroad?
  7. Should I go to DC for the summer?
  8. Or Boston?
  9. What internships should I apply for?
  10. Do paid internships exist?
  11. WHERE?
  12. Should I take a fifth class next semester?
  13. Should I intern for credit?
  14. Does that mean I need to drop some clubs so I have more time?
  15. Do all these classes count toward my major?
  16. Do any of them?
  17. What is my major?
  18. Am I sure that’s what I want to do?
  19. What do I want to do?
  20. Why am I in college anyway?


As you can tell, MCC is not a made up thing. These are things that are discussed over meals all the time. Tonight at dinner when the conversation about study abroad, a million questions that I couldn’t answer went through my head. We have a really great study abroad office at Clark…I’ve been many times before, but now the decisions are up to me. And every decision is going to affect the next one. Luckily, that’s a good thing because once I make one decision other things will start to fall into place…and pretty soon all of these questions will be answered.

But until then, I have finals… but no time to complain about them because I’m trying to figure out the rest of my life. And complaining doesn’t do anything, so I try to avoid it. Though I understand that it can feel cleansing.

So good luck to everyone on finals, but ALL THE BEST to the sophomores who are going through MCC. I feel ya!







* Also, I just googled the term mid-college crisis and I guess it’s something that already exists…so if you want to procrastinate on finals, look it up. There’s some funny stuff.

I already did my procrastinating by writing out 30 holiday cards!

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