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December 7, 2012

Bottles and CUPS!

Update: I finished my 15-page paper on transportation policy in America and Europe this morning, which is really exciting!

Also, the Student Sustainability Fund Application that I wrote about last week was accepted and we were awarded the $7,000 that we asked for to purchase reusable water bottles for every student at Clark and also put filtered water systems in residence halls, so we can start to transition to water bottle free university! Now that we will have money to work with, we have a lot MORE work to do to make sure everything happens, but I’m looking forward to implementation. The entire group is really excited to see tangible differences and hopefully environmental impacts that are a direct result of our hard work.

So that explains that bottles part of the title. Now for CUPS.

Clark University Players Society or CUPS, as they are called, is a hidden gem on campus that I have found! I forgot that I really liked seeing plays and musicals and with a busy schedule I never allocated time for such things, but two months ago one of my friends was in a play and I heard really good reviews, so I decided to go. The seats were full so I ended up standing during the show, but I couldn’t leave. The show was so good! The show was called We Thought Black Widows Were Everywhere, which initially confused me so much, but after seeing the show it made perfect sense. Below I’ll give you some bullet points from the themes that I picked up from the show.

The cast of the show

-Black widows are referring to the type of spider and in the show the kids are scared to go to a house because they think the spiders are everywhere. But in reality, there are none. The idea is that we are so scared of the unknown. We fear what we don’t know so many times we don’t take the risks we want to.

-There is a line at the end of the show where one of the students asks his teacher why the sun is so far away and why we can’t really see what it looks like, but why the earth is so close, but we can’t see that either. The teacher says that sometimes things are so far away that we can’t see them, but sometimes things are so close, that we miss them also.

-The student then says that maybe he will understand when he is older and the teacher replies by saying maybe. Many times we think that when we are older we will understand, but that’s not necessarily true. Adults are people, too and they don’t have all the solutions that many times kids think they have.

(There are more lessons, but those are a few that I took from it and remember after two months from the notes I scribbled down after the show.)

Anyway, after seeing this show I decided that I would keep seeing shows, so when CMT (Clark Musical Theater, not Connecticut Mastery Test for those of you Connecticutians who associate those three letters with mandatory state-wide testing) produced Spring Awakening last month, I was there. The show again was amazing and completely surpassed my expectations. I can’t believe that talent that we have on campus. So many different forms of talent –again kind of relating to my post last week.

The cast of Spring Awakening

Then last night there was another student written production put on by CUPS, and so I went! Another great performance. The show was called Anything, again explained if you see the show. The show was about love and loss of love. There was a line at the end of the show that went something like this:

You’ll be that person who I talk about with my friends in five years and they’ll say sorry, and I’ll say, “It’s okay. Because of them, I am the person I am today.”

(Again, this is from memory so I might be a little or completely off, but it was something to that effect.)












All of these shows had really great messages that I took from them and I’m really excited to have found this aspect of Clark as early as I did so I can keep going to performances.

There you have it… in my future at Clark I see fewer bottles and more CUPS! (And CMTs)


Have a great week and keep the questions coming!



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