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November 24, 2012

“We write to taste life twice.”

Time has been going by so fast. I can’t believe that this semester is almost over already. The last few months went by so quickly and now that it’s the end of the semester, even more stuff is happening. (Okay, end of this sounding like every senior write-up in yearbooks about how the past four years have gone by so fast.) Over Thanksgiving break I am writing two papers so that when I get back to school I can spend all of my time writing a 15 page research paper for my environmental politics class. So I’ll give you a little summary of what I still have to do in the next two weeks before finals start.

American Presidency Paper- I am going to finish writing this paper as soon I am done blogging. The paper is about the different factors that led Obama to winning the election and how that will affect the next four years of our country’s future.

Tales from the Far Side Paper- This is a paper for my international development class comparing two books that we have read about structural violence in different parts of the world. Hopefully I can get this one done by Saturday in between hanging out with my friends from home.

Comparative Environmental Politics Paper- This is a 15 page research paper on the rail system in Europe and the rail system in America and why sustainable transportation varies so much.

CGI U Application- Last year I had an amazing time at the Clinton Global Initiative University. This year I am the campus representative for Clark University so I am going to be holding events and interviews to see if there is anyone else who is committed and accepted to go and help prepare them for the huge event. Even though I was accepted as the campus rep, I still have to go through the long application process to be accepted to attend the yearly conference.

Student Sustainability Fund Application- Last year the student body passed a referendum question that allocated $20,000 of the student council budget for sustainability projects. I am part of two different initiatives that are requesting money from this allocation. Website here!

1)   Green Events- This is a group of students in Eco-Reps who are trying to transform events on campus to be “green events,” meaning that they are zero waste. If a club wants to have a green event, we will meet with them before hand to discuss the logistics of the event and how we can make it more sustainable. We then work with the group to provide compostable silverware, composting and recycling facilities and metrics so that the group can see the difference they have made.

2)   Bring back the Tap- This is an initiative that I am leading at Clark to provide opportunities for people to stop using plastic bottles that end up in a landfill and use water to fill plastic reusable water bottles. I am working with a group of committed students who want to help. We are requesting money to get filtered water in each residence hall, along with money to get every student on campus a water bottle, and put a recycling bin in each suite on campus for people who are going to continue to use plastic bottles.

The quote that titles this blog is a favorite of mine. Sometimes when time feels like its going by quickly, I find myself really happy that I can reread my blog entries and see what I was doing a year ago at this time and it reminds me how much I have changed and stayed the same since then. Sometimes so many things are happening at once, but by blogging and frequently writing about what is happening in my life, I remind myself why I love writing and why it’s important to take a deep breath and sit back, relax, and enjoy this amazing journey.

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