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November 7, 2012

Out of the Box


Maybe a throwback for any of you who used to watch this show. I guess it was on Disney Channel from 1998 to 2003, so if you five years old anywhere in there, maybe you saw this show, too.

Recently I was thinking about what memories I remember most. Shockingly enough (maybe), even though most of the time I remember I have been in school, not too many of my memories from the past two decades were made while I was sitting at a desk.

Interesting, right?

I realized that everything that sticks out as a prominent memory was when I was doing something, creating something, or just experiencing life. This gives me hope…and it should give you hope, too.

Though a lot of time is spent sitting at a desk taking notes, tests, or naps, make sure you do something that you will remember. I hope that when you think back to high school, sitting at a desk was not the only thing you did. And if that’s all it’s been so far, you have time to change that.

If you are in college, the same applies. Though a lot less time may be spent in class, DO SOMETHING outside of the classroom that you will remember. Have an experience outside of the box.

For me, outside of the box goes even further. You may know from my past blogs that I’m kind of into the environment. I’m in a group here at Clark called Eco-Reps, where we literally take things outside of the box. Last week, with the help of the Recycling Team, we took all of the garbage bags from every on-campus residence hall and sorted the items that were inside. We relocated them into co-mingle (plastics), compost (anything that was once alive, ex: food, paper towels), landfill (things that cannot be used again and soft plastics that are not reusable like plastic baggies), thrift store (any type of item that is in good shape), and liquids.

We found some interesting stuff while sorting trash bags…this wasn’t even the best of it.

After separating that out, we weighed it to show metrics of how much stuff each hall throws away that can really be composted, recycled, etc. The Waste Audit is one of my favorite events that Eco-Reps holds. The event takes place in the center of campus, where everyone can see what is going on. Many people come over and we explain why the top of the cup is recyclable and the actual cup is compostable.

It’s a great teaching experience, a great learning experience, and a fun time. And it’s literally taking everything OUT OF THE BOX.


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