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October 31, 2012


Me? Change my mind…NEVER!

If I had to name my worst trait, it would probably be indecisiveness. I hate making decisions that will effect me long term (which basically seems like every decision I make these days). I never want to make the wrong decision, so I think about all my options until “the right one” seems to be staring me in the face. However, usually there are pros and cons to every decision, and one never seems to be “the perfect option.” As I’ve said before, most of the best decisions I made have been because I took a chance and it worked out.

People used to always tell me to just make a decision and stick with it. If it’s the wrong one, you’ll learn. My grandma (still to this day, when I have to make a decision) will hug me and say, “You know, Rebecca, the great thing about life is that nothing is permanent. You can always change your mind.”

While I hear what she’s saying, it would be great if I could make a decision correctly the first time.

So let me tell you about my decision-making…

I heard it was going to rain today, but my rain boots didn’t match my outfit, so I decided to wear my normal boots…didn’t rain. I guess I lucked out.

Then I went to breakfast…the bistro ran out of bananas, so I got an apple…not life changing, right?

Then I sat down to write this blog entry. I wrote a rough draft yesterday, and knew that I was going to be writing about college life outside of the classroom…but wait, that’s not what this blog is about! You’re right, I realized that two years ago I had just submitted my college applications and I decided that I wanted to write about that. But that’s not what this blog is about either, you might say…well, not yet.

I actually blogged about that last year and how I changed my mind at the last minute.

When I started to think about applying to college, I thought back to the beginning of a million decisions that I was about to make, which made me think that indecisiveness was my worst quality…and that’s the blog you’re reading!

Anyway, this tied in perfectly with my life right now. So, if you read my blog, you know that I knew what I wanted to major in since the day I walked in the door here. And I still want to major in Global Environmental Studies. Since coming to Clark and taking classes I have decided to double minor in Entrepreneurship and International Development…but since taking classes I’ve also wanted to minor in Political Science or Education, because the classes are so interesting. But I realized that I just because I am interested in everything, I can’t major or minor in it – that would defeat the purpose of having a MAJOR. But yesterday I was looking at classes and major/minor requirements, and I decided that I want to minor in Communications and Culture. I’m serious this time. It was different than every other time I was interested in something. I really like all the classes offered in the Discourse path and it makes sense. Before coming to Clark I thought I would major in journalism, since that’s what I was interested in during high school, but now it’s all coming back around.

So there you have it. I changed my mind and you are the first to know.

I, Rebecca, am changing to major in GES and double minor in Entrepreneurship and Comm and Culture…what??? I know, I’m truly shocked that I changed my mind. Luckily, one of the best things about life is that nothing is permanent.


Thanks, Grandma.

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  1. Stefanie Gough
    Oct 31 2012

    Hahaha I love this! I’m with you on the whole indecisiveness train. Good luck with you Comm minor! :)

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