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October 21, 2012

If there was something called an octathon, and why I said yes.


This week was definitely the busiest so far that I’ve had all year. It felt like an octathon, which if it was a real word would be something similar to a triathlon that has eight parts.

  1. American Presidency Midterm
  2. Guest Lecturing in Entrepreneurship class about my summer in Kenya

    Speaking in Entrepreneurship 215 about starting a business.

  3. Dinner at the Presidents House
  4. Environmental Politics Midterm
  5. International Development Midterm
  6. Board of Trustees Meetings
  7. Management Class Presentation
  8. Fall Fest

But finally at 6pm on Friday when I finished presenting for Fall Fest and led the last rainy tour to alumni who had come back for the Board of Trustee Events, I took a deep breath and just relaxed. It was a busy week, especially because of midterms, but it’s not that unusual to be busy. I’ve written blog posts about really busy days, but I wouldn’t stop if I had the choice. I mentioned a few weeks ago to take every opportunity, and it really will be what makes your college experience.

Last Sunday I told myself that I would finish all of my work before doing anything else…but then I had lacrosse practice at 3 and an eco-reps meeting at 5. I decided that when I finished my paper, I would head over to lacrosse practice. At 3:30 I walked over to the field only to find out that after half an hour practice ended because there were intermural soccer games scheduled. Just as we were about to leave, one of the teams told us that they needed two people to have a full team to play. I laughed and told them that I had never played soccer and it’s not that similar to lacrosse or crew. Then my friend and I looked at each other and said, “Okay, let’s do this.” I ended up having a great time and I’m definitely going to play again.

This little action reminded me all of the best experiences in my life have come from taking a chance and saying yes when I had no idea what to expect. Deciding to attend Clark was one of the big ones, then traveling around Western Europe and Kenya were two others, but now they happen all the time, and I need to remember to keep taking them!

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