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October 1, 2012

The Most Sustainable of Suppers

Tonight was The EcoReps Sustainable Supper!

This is one of the most highly attended events held by the EcoReps, where around 100 people come together to eat a meal made with food that is organic/natural/in season/local and vegetarian! There are also no trash bins at the event…why? Because everything there can be recycled or composted.



Students started lining up half an hour before the event was scheduled to start because they probably remembered how crazy busy the event was last year and they didn’t want all the food to be gone when they got here!



Some may assume that because there quite a few restrictions on the food that can be served, there wouldn’t be a lot of options. That is far from the truth! There were over 35 dishes that ranged from eggplant parm to peanut butter pasta, to corn salsa, pesto, maple beans, and apple crisp for dessert.



I was personally surprised how many options there were and to be honest this was probably one of the best meals I’ve had in a while. After eating caf food every single day, it’s nice to mix it up and have home-cooked meals.



This is just one of the Zero-Waste Events on campus. This year EcoReps has big plans to make the majority of events on campus zero-waste!

..I’m pretty sure that once people tried the food they realized it was worth waiting in line.



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