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May 5, 2013



If you can read this and not feel guilty about procrastinating, you are a lucky person.



For the last week or so, all my free time has either been spent studying, packing, or feeling guilty that I’m not doing either. The good thing is that reading the novel for my final is much more fun now that I have a Nook! I always thought I would hate reading off of an e-reader, but after trying out my friend’s Kindle, I realized it’s really different from reading off of a laptop. Reading for class is not as painful anymore! :D



Speaking of books, now that I’m packing up my room, I’m trying to sell the textbooks I got for my classes the past year. I’ve already sold a few, and I guess I’ll sell the rest at the beginning of the next semester. I’ve also compiled all the flyers from most of the events I’ve been to in the past year, and… well… I’ve been to quite a few, apparently.


didn't believe me when i said there are a lot of on-campus events?

didn’t believe me when i said there are a lot of on-campus events?

I’ve gotta go read a bit more for my final, then pack the last of my stuff. See you guys next week.. from London!

  1. Rian Watt
    May 6 2013

    Um, you’re coming to London?

    • Pinar Barlas
      May 6 2013

      Yes, I am!! I’ll be spending a week there on my way home. :)

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