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April 14, 2013

Spree Day and Admitted Students and all these events, oh my!

You know how awesome and busy and tiring this week was? A lot. Very much. So, so much.


Jenny Boylan!

Jenny Boylan!

April is OPEN’s Month of Awareness, so there have been many events. Similar to last week’s talk by Julia Serano (“Recognizing all kinds of sexism”), this week, Jennifer Finney Boylan visited our campus to give an amazing talk, attended by enough people to fill Atwood Hall once again. Other events for Month of Awareness included the campfire kick-off the first weekend of April, tie-dying with donations going towards Safe Homes, and we have a couple of upcoming Day of Silence/Speak Out events.



Yesterday, we had our last Admitted Students Day of the school year. I got to help out with the first half of the day, my volunteer duties ranging from holding up signs to assisting in classroom sessions. It was even better than the last Open House, with the students being more anxious about making decisions and therefore more excited to be here.


The highlight of the week for everyone, though, was Wednesday. It was the non-academic Spree Day, a date kept secret until the midnight of the previous day, when classes are cancelled and the campus is taken over by awesome events that run from 8am to 2pm. Some people even get up at 5 to go have breakfast at Annie’s Clark Brunch when it opens, a tradition I joined. People then go get in line for Spree Day registration to get the limited number of spree day t-shirts they give out. The activities change every year, and this year some were: jello wrestling, tug of war, bingo, “powder war” – colored powder, like for Holi!


So I had a very busy week, as you can see. On top of all that, I finalized housing plans with my friends in preparation of the housing lottery tomorrow. Thankfully I’d started thinking about my class choices for next semester weeks ago, so all I had to do was double-check the time conflicts, and I am ready to register for classes tomorrow morning, too. It was difficult to choose at first, because I have come to realize I do not want to major in Physics, contradicting every plan I’d made the past few years. However, I’m very happy about the classes I chose for next semester, so I believe I’m on my way to figuring things out.


Have a good week, everyone, there are only so many until summer break!

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