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March 24, 2013

“But choosing housing! is! so! confusing!” (spoiler alert: it’s not)

Hi, lovelies!


In the world of Before You Shout for Help, it’s time to pack. But first, do you know what you’re packing for?


By the time you’ll need to start packing, you will have been given your first year housing information. There are four dorms first years can live in. Dodd is the all-female hall, with female residents from all classes. Johnson-Sanford (JS) is the hall right next to Dodd, with mostly first years, but with some transfer and upperclassmen students mixed in. Bullock and Wright halls are located closer to the University Center, with Bullock being right next to it. The rooms in Dodd and JS are very similar, which are (on average) slightly larger than the rooms in Wright and Bullock, with a little more closet space. However, the furniture in Wright & Bullock are newer, and so the beds can be raised higher without bed risers, giving them a lot of under-bed storage which makes up for the smaller space. There are study rooms in JS, Bullock, and Wright, including one ‘multimedia study room’ each, equipped with a TV and computer where you can work on your project with classmates.


first row: double room in JS
second row: single room in JS (a million thanks to Maria Laura!)
third row: double room in Bullock (courtesy of the beautiful Melissa, who also acted as the model)


One of the other things to consider when choosing a room is, of course, location. No matter where you are, you can get to anywhere on campus in 5 minutes (granted you may have to walk on a little bit of mulch if you want to take a shortcut). I can wake up 10 minutes before class and still make it to class before the professor’s there – which is one of the reasons I may never get an off-campus apartment. I also took into consideration the bathrooms in the halls. There are public bathrooms in Wright and Bullock, with stalls of toilets and showers, each lockable. JS however has semi-private bathrooms, which are lockable rooms of single toilets and shower/tubs. I find the restrooms in JS to be more accessible, too. Other than that, the lounges and laundry rooms are all that matter, and those are almost identical in all dorms (except JS has more in number!).


And, without going into detail, you’ll probably only need to pack about these: clothing that would last you about 1-1.5 weeks, for winter and summer each, plus jackets and other clothing you’ll need, plus jewelry, any small possession you know you can’t buy from Target or CVS, shoes, and memories. Everything else can be bought when you get to college, granted you can afford it. I’d strongly recommend buying things like bedsheets and other everyday living items once you get there, so that you have a chance to start over, and maybe change your style if you ever felt like it didn’t suit you.



This week has been a very busy week. I’ve had to do a lot of homework, and on top of that, had to go to GALA practices and chose to volunteer for Open House (which was SO AMAZING!). I’ve yet to finish an essay that’s due in less than 24 hours, so it’s an ongoing battle; but I’m sure I get to rest once I’ve finished this one last task. Stay awesome, everyone, and don’t forget that you can message me if you have any questions or just want to chat! :)

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