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March 17, 2013

Getting through the wait

Almost exactly a year ago, on March 19th 2012, I got an e-mail from Clark saying “your decision has been posted”. Within the next month, I enrolled in Clark and sent in my deposit. So, what was I going to do, now that the stressful part was done and I had until August until I got to Clark?


The first thing I’d do almost every day was to check my e-mail and our mailbox. I would excitedly read every word of every e-mail, trying to get a sense of this place I was going to live in.


One of the pasttimes that got me through those few months of waiting was to look at the housing options. I’ll go into more detail about housing and how to pack for college next week. Apart from special housing requests (mainly due to health reasons), First Years have the choice of living in a single, double, or a triple room. There are 4 halls to choose from: Wright & Bullock Halls, which were renovated in 2011 and are almost identical, Johnson-Sanford Center, which used to be two halls but were renovated and joined together last summer, and Dodd Hall, which is an all-female hall.


more housing info and photos next week!

I had already chosen where I wanted to live by the time they set up our ClarkYou account (which was around May 10th, last year). It must have been soon afterwards that they made the housing forms available. I don’t remember everything that was on the form, and it might have changed this year, but I know that the form was about more than just the type of room and hall. They also asked us about whether we preferred staying up late or getting up early, about whether we liked to study with music or TV in the background or preferred silence, and many other things like neatness. They did a very good job, seeing as my roommate Galen and I had no issues throughout the entire year! :) I’ve heard of some people requesting to be in a different dorm or with a different person, but even in those rare cases, it was mostly quickly taken care of (granted they had space to put the students in).


After that, I got the information about when I should be arriving on campus. Although I didn’t need to use either of them, Clark had two services specifically for internationals; we could come in a day or so before the international orientation began, and they would pick us up from the airport for free and drive us to Clark!

[My post, about two weeks from now, will be about Week One and the orientation process. Meanwhile, you can shoot me an email about the specifics you may want to hear about, and I’ll do my best to write about them! ]


When those were done, I started looking at the classes. It was amazing to have so many options available and to be able to pick anything we wanted! I first picked my First Year Intensive class, then went on to choose three more classes. My summer adviser, during our Skype call, said I’d done a good job choosing them, and proceeded to help me register.


The second half of summer was spent getting my health forms done and packing, all the while soaking as much Cypriot sun as possible and keeping up with the Facebook group.

[Just a tip: keep up with the Facebook group because you’ll both get a lot of insider tips about life at Clark, and you might just come across an application to join the Clark Diaries team! That’s how I got this job. :) Just make sure you don’t post too many personal things – it can be easy to trust people you meet online, who you’ll see in a few months, but people turn out differently in real life than they seem online.]


That said, congratulations once again to the Class of 2017, I can’t wait to see you guys on campus!

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