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February 25, 2013

Successful week is successful.

Melancholy Play was a success!


Thursday was our opening night, and everything went lovely. Almost all seats were taken; it was lovely to see. Friday, however, we did actually have a full house. We opened up a few chairs to seat the last few people, and had another great run. Saturday night, closing night… oh man, that’s what I want to see. So many people showed up that we had people sit in the aisle, squished up simply because there were so many people. We even had to let people go up in the balcony, even though we had tech people up there!


It was amazing to be a part of a production like this. It was much bigger than any other play I’d been a part of in highschool, but yet small enough that it felt intimate and homey.  Although I didn’t have a lot to do, I chose to stay through the shows in the backstage, helping the actors and the rest of tech. No matter how many times I see or hear this play, I’ll always laugh at the same things, and keep discovering more connections between the themes.


Now that the show’s over, I have more time to devote to other things in my life, like academics – but wait, two of my three midterms were this past week, and the third is tomorrow. I’ve even written one of the three essays we’ll be writing for History. The only thing I need to do before Spring Break is do my lab report! It’s amazing how I worked so hard for the past month, and in just a week, it’s all over.


I’m hoping to start a series of posts that will revolve around what it feels like to be an international freshman; I’ll describe the steps I took to choose colleges, apply, make the final decision, prepare to come to college, and how to deal with how different life at college is.


Last week before Spring Break! It’s so close I can smell it – NYC for a few days, then Boston for another couple of days, and then back to Clark to rest. Sounds perfect already. :)

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