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February 11, 2013

February, you’re off to a good start.

Although I still refuse to believe we’re in February, I have to admit it’s shaping up to be awesome. I’ve gotten half of the things on my props list, seen more snow than I would’ve imagined, and best of all, got to see another of my favorite bands: Mumford & Sons!


I’m the props master for Melancholy Play, which is the play CUPS is putting on in two weeks. I put together a list of props and ventured into the dark props room at the back of the main theatre with my flashlight. I felt like I’ve rediscovered a cave of precious memories: aged mirrors, giftwrapped but empty boxes, chipped cups, and dusty flowers. I found a few props that will work very well for our play, but most items have to be either borrowed, bought, or made. I’ll be having a lot of fun with that in the next week, and hopefully have everything by next Sunday.


What made me happier than finishing half the list was the fact that I got to experience ‘the worst snowstorm in the last 50 years’: Nemo. Yep – first year of college, in the US, and I’ve been through a hurricane and a blizzard. Before I’d come to Clark, I had only seen snow up close maybe 4 times; and in a little over 24 hours, we got 29 inches (about 74cm) of snow. It snowed the entire day on Friday, so we had a snow day – what did our snow day look like? Sit in the lounge, peer out the window into the storm, watch movies and TV, eat, repeat.


click photos to enlarge them! 

Yes, it sucked that we couldn’t get food delivered, but thankfully the lovely Branden took me, Anna, and Emily to CVS before the storm got too bad. I bought a couple of bags of snacks, which we devoured by the time the storm was over. The mall shuttles got cancelled, too, but that’s okay because I’ll just take escort to thrift stores around Clark to get what I need. Other than that, it was a really fun experience for me. I got to see and play in more snow than I had even imagined I’d see my whole life!


That was lovely and all, but… the best part of my week/month/semester so far? The Mumford & Sons concert I went to on Tuesday. I managed to get tickets to the concert by waiting for the second the presale link opened, clicking literally 2 second after, and patiently refreshing for 20 minutes to get into the system after having it lock me out until one of the 10,000 people logged out. It was very difficult, but I finally got the mildly expensive ticket, and started my 3-month wait. Finally, this Tuesday, it was time. I got on the train and went to TD Garden half an hour before doors opened. It was actually one of the top 3 concerts I’ve been to – Mumford & Sons are worth all the money and difficulty of getting the ticket. They also won a Grammy for best album tonight! Congrats, Mumford & Sons, and sorry, Zena, for screaming in your ear out of happiness.


Phew, the next two weeks are going to be hectic, between all the props shopping, GALA practices, essay-writing, homework, and all the other responsibilities I seem to have. Still, I’m getting through it by reminding myself how great it’ll all turn out. Hey, even if it doesn’t – it’ll look great on my resume. ;)

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