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February 3, 2013

An 80-year-old international with more love for Beyonce and knitting than American football.

I’m an old soul, who spent a good fraction of her ‘Superbowl Sunday’ watching Dirty Dancing while knitting.


I’ve been meaning to start knitting ever since I came back from Winter Break, but with everything going on, I couldn’t find the time. Yesterday all of a sudden, I got Zena to go to the Shoppes at Blackstone Valley with me, on the free hourly bus. I was only going to get some yarn and needles, but we ended up going to Barnes & Noble to get some Starbucks and read, too.


I love Clark a lot, but I do feel the need to get off campus. If going to the grocery store and stopping for fro-yo isn’t enough, like I did with Maria the other day, or if it’s too cold to walk around in Worcester, then going to the mall is a great alternative. Blackstone has a large number of shops, but it’s an outdoor mall. It doesn’t matter too much, since we move from shop to shop. Solomon Pond mall, which I haven’t gotten the chance to go to yet, is an indoor mall. There are free buses to Solomon on Fridays, from Clark. There’s also Auburn Mall, which is on the end of the Worcester public bus line that stops in front of Clark – it’s only $1.50 for a ride.


Although it’s not my thing, I’ve heard my friends had fun going to the Worcester Sharks hockey game at DCU center. It’s a short cab ride from Clark, and often Student Leadership Office can provide discount tickets. I might go the next time they have a game, just to see what it’s like! After coming back from Blackstone, and having dinner while waiting for people to come back from the Sharks game, I put on a Doctor Who episode and started knitting. I’ll probably be making a scarf, first of all, but who knows! Maybe it’ll turn into something else.


When everyone was back, we met up in one of the lounges in Johnson-Sanford, and much to my surprise, my friends had built a great viewing place from pillows and couches. We brought lots of blankets and cushions, and watched movies for no less than 5 hours. Starting with The Breakfast Club, moving onto Pitch Perfect, and finishing with The Amazing Spider-Man was great. I of course quoted the first and the last, since they are two of my favorite movies. And, today, I rewatched Dirty Dancing, and knit some more!


It was a great, relaxing weekend to end a pretty busy week. I’ll be doing practice for Lebanon (GALA) 4 days a week starting next week, and the due date for props going to be used in Melancholy Play is drawing closer. I barely have time to do the labs for my Astronomy and Physics classes, let alone the reading for History.


But hey – at least Beyonce performed for halftime during my first superbowl! It was a great experience, screaming with a caf-full of people about how perfect Beyonce is. She wins superbowl, as well as everything.

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