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January 27, 2013

Productivity? Me? HOW DID THAT HAPPEN?

Hi lovelies!

i freaked out about the concert a little bit.


So, this week, the only exciting thing to happen was going to one of my favorite bands’ concert in Boston. It was a great concert; La Dispute really knows how to control and entertain the crowd. I just wish more people appreciated them.


Apart from that, this week was the last empty/lazy week I’m going to have this semester, from the looks of it. I’ve got four demanding classes this semester (okay, let’s be honest – I don’t have to do half as much as studying for Astronomy as my non-science-inclined classmates have to do. But still!). I’ve got the second part of Intro Physics with Calculus and Honors Calculus, perhaps even more intense than they were last semester. I’ve also got Astronomy as I mentioned, which has a good amount of workload – it’s just that I won’t have to work as hard to understand the subject matter. And last but certainly not least, I’ve got U.S. History through the Novel. Hating history classes as much as I do, I wasn’t excited about fulfilling the Historical Perspective of Clark’s Program of Liberal Studies. When the Fulbright Commission told me that one of the requirements of the scholarship I’ve won is to take a class in U.S. History, I wanted to scream. I’d left history behind when I stopped taking it in freshman year of high school!


Thankfully, Clark recognizes how different people study and work very differently. The course I’m taking now is, to me, the best possible way to fulfill the perspective and the (outside) scholarship requirement. In this class, very different from the other classes, we rely on novels to show us how life was back when the novel was written. We’re reading 7 novels, the first of which is Uncle Tom’s Cabin. I will not only get a great education in the important U.S. matters in history, but I’ll also cross things off my ‘to read’ list! Yay!


I wish classes were the only reason I’m so occupied. No, wait, I chose this, and I won’t regret it. I’m still going to OPEN’s weekly general interest meetings; luckily the time doesn’t pose a conflict with my schedule. Over winter break, I applied and got the position of Props Master (mistress?) for CUPS’s (Clark University Players Society) play in February. They’re doing Melancholy Play, which I’ve come to love. (Almonds! So many almonds! To understand the reference, come see the play ;) It’s in a month, so until then, we’ll be working a lot. That’s rehearsal 4 nights a week. Added onto that is practice for the International GALA that ISA (International Student Association) is doing in April. GALA is an annual event – the biggest, as we’re told – which has a lot of people coming together to perform dances that show the culture of different countries. You don’t have to be from that country to dance; so, I took the liberty of dancing for Lebanon. It already looks like it’s going to be a lot of fun – I can’t wait till we’re doing more complex things! Practice for Lebanon is 3 nights a week, leaving me with very little free time. I think it’ll be worth it, though. I can’t bear the thought of dropping out of either of them!


So, excuse me everyone; I have to go do homework. It’s due in 5 busy days.

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