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January 20, 2013

Hello, Second Semester! You look promising.

I kicked off the first day back with sushi at Haiku, an affordable restaurant Christie and I discovered, thanks to the Armenian restaurant being closed for the day. After a $15, 3-course meal, we walked back to Clark to find the rest of the campus slowly coming back.


The first week of classes was surprisingly tiring. Every time I realized it hadn’t even been a week since I came back, I gasped. I know it sounds like it was a rough week, but it really wasn’t. Maybe just that it was so full, despite being the first week back, made me think it had been longer.


Cyrano De Bergerac

Aquila Theatre, the professional company-in-residence at New York University, performed two shows on the third and fourth nights back. The first was Cyrano De Bergerac, which I liked better out of the two. The second was Taming of the Shrew, which I’d heard about so many times before, but had never seen. Although I liked the play and loved how it was performed, I think the plot has too many outdated ideas incorporated in it to be fully appreciated in these modern times. However, like I said, Aquila Theatre was wonderful in delivering the plays. More importantly, these shows were dedicated to Dick Traina, who was very valuable in his contributions to Clark while and after he was the president of the university.


In addition to those great shows, there was also a magic show at Clark. Last night, 8 amazing magicians came together for a show at Clark as a part of a benefit project for David Oliver, a Boston-area magician who has a rare lung disease. Yes, both of the events I’ve mentioned are sad in their own ways, but trust me, they were fun and they served their purpose – they raised more money than their initial aim for David Oliver! The show was very good, and it was free for us since Clark had bought a number of tickets. It really just warmed up my heart to hear all of the magicians talk so lovingly of David Oliver.


On a lighter note, I used the Clark gym for the first time this week (hahah, get the pun?). I don’t know why I hadn’t gone before. Well… okay, so I’m lazy. Still! I’m adding gym hours to my weekly schedule, 3 hours minimum every week with a friend, so it’s less likely that I’ll flake out this time. I loved the gym, too. It has a nice little atmosphere which lets you watch out the window for some relaxation. If not, you can watch the others in the gym, which can get you pumped. Either way, it’s great. I think my routine will be to walk/run followed by some biking. Lovely!


I also took the free bus to Shops at Blackstone with a few friends and took care of most of my shopping list. I got a ball of yarn and a couple of needles, so I can start knitting something soon! It’s good timing, too, because this coming week will be VERY cold. We’re expecting it to snow for three days, I think, and the temperature won’t go above freezing. Great. Remember when I was back in the red hot sun of Cyprus, only a week ago? Yep, good times.


Anyway, I’ve got good classes which will hopefully keep me occupied enough not to miss home as much as I might. Have a great (and warm) week, everyone!

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