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December 10, 2012

Busy bee, checking in

So, the last week of fun at Clark this semester was…very fun.


I know it seems sad to name it like that, but can you blame me? My first final is on Friday, and I’m not allowed to raise my head from my books for anything but food. And maybe the OPEN meeting, because this week, I’m running for the secretary position for next semester! Yep, I’m running for a place in the e-board of OPEN. Fingers crossed, fingers crossed.


Apart from finishing up the last pieces of homework, I did my gift shopping this week. We don’t celebrate Christmas back home, but we exchange presents on New Year’s Eve. I’m done with most of my shopping, and I haven’t (completely) run out of money, which definitely takes a load off. I’d like to take a minute to thank everyone on the Clark Undergraduate Student Council (CUSC), who are the reason we both have free buses to two malls every week, and the chance to get to Boston Logan Airport for only $5, in less than two weeks.


Oh, and, on Thursday night, I got a chance to see four amazing bands. No big deal, just four really talented bands, up close – close enough to touch (which I did!), and only 10 minutes from Clark. The bands are called blessthefall, A Skylit Drive, At the Skylines, and Skip the Foreplay. The three opening bands hung out after their concerts to meet fans, and I got a free blessthefall poster! It was a really wonderful concert – and a minute here to thank Branden and Katherine for finally giving in and coming to the concert! I love you guys.


there was a cat theme going on at Clark Bars!

I spent Friday and Saturday going to as many events as I could, and I couldn’t be happier that I did. Just about every event I went to was really fun. I ended up seeing Clark Bars’ winter concert (one of our a cappella groups) earlier in the night, where they performed every song they practiced this semester – 14 well-chosen songs – and invited two very talented a cappella groups from other colleges to also perform. When we left that concert, we walked directly to the Little Center, where the Peapod Squad show was going to be held in half an hour. And guess what? We weren’t the first ones there. If you don’t know how good Peapod is, then you get yourself to their next show. It’s no less than an hour of doubled-over laughing.


On Saturday, because I couldn’t get up in time to see the matinee performance of the play, I had to choose between “Anything” and the show two of our dance groups put on. As much as I love dance, I went to go see “Anything”. I heard the show was amazing, but let me tell you, this play was brilliant. Written by student playwright Alex Kump, it was a very relatable and sobering story with well-written characters. Of course nothing’s perfect, but in my opinion, this play was pretty damn close.


There are so many things going on every week, and if this semester has taught me anything about it, it’s that I shouldn’t miss the chance to go to any event. It might (and usually will) surprise me in how fun it turns out to be. Okay, onto studying for my finals, doing my final project, and preparing for the OPEN secretary election. See you in a week, if I manage to make it through!

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