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November 22, 2012

Thankscrying: an emotional post

Happy Thanksgiving, everyone! Everyone…in the U.S. Yes. Because most people I know aren’t actually in the U.S. Ugh…


Yep, I’m feeling homesick. Very homesick, in fact, since there are so many things going on all at the same time.


I’ve been really busy with midterms and events, and the time difference between the U.S. and Cyprus (7 hours) doesn’t help. Unfortunately I have had little time to talk to my friends back in Cyprus. That is, until a few days ago, when I wrote one of my friends an e-mail. The e-mail brought back so many memories that the nostalgia and homesickness (yes, that’s the noun) hung around for the past few days, making me miss all the friends I had back home.


Then I saw some people back home write statuses on Facebook about the weather and the problems they’re having in Cyprus, like power cuts and floods, and it made me think: ‘Damn, I even miss the power cuts back home.’


so. much. food.

The last drop was coming to my friend’s (Maria R) house, with Gemma, another international Clarkie. It’s just so beautiful, and so heartwarming to see families reuniting, that it brought back all the homesickness (is that really the noun?) I’ve tried to avoid ever since I’d arrived in the U.S.


I’d forgotten that a holiday isn’t just about not going to school, but it’s about the feeling that’s in the air as the whole family gets ready to host a meal or leaves to go to one. The nice plates are taken out of the cupboard, along with the fancy silverware, and the kids drink grape juice out of wine glasses.


So of course I thought of home, and my family, and all the other families in the U.S. that were generous enough to invite me. It made me very sad to turn them down, especially because it’s amazing to realize so many families are willing to let me into this intimate dinner they have with their families, into their homes.


So I’m very thankful, especially this year. I’m thankful to all the families I’ve gained around the world. I’m thankful to have doors open to me in so many countries, with such amazing people. I’m thankful to have so much love surrounding me, and I’m thankful I get to go back to Cyprus and see everyone else in less than a month.


I’m thankful for all my families around the world, and how great everyone is. So happy Thanksgiving everyone…and I do mean everyone.




(Thank you so much, Maria, and Maria’s family!)

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