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November 18, 2012

Oh Clark, why are you so talented?

This week, Clark Musical Theatre (CMT) put on ‘Spring Awakening’, a musical about all those real-life issues other productions are afraid to deal with. Spring Awakening took the problems we all deal with and explicitly demonstrated how they are caused and how they affect those around us.


Spring Awakening was free admission, and it only had four showings. I planned on going to all four, but in the end missed one. Oh well, three’s still better than one (or none, in which case I’m judging you for missing out on this opportunity). The songs are addicting, and the actors along with the pit performed them excellently. At the end of the last show, the actors were so overwhelmed by it all that they started crying, which led to most of the crew crying as well. They got standing ovations every single show, and they deserved it.



As it is after every event, I felt this profound urge to get involved in something similar. I love acting, although I don’t think I’m verygood at it, so I’ll give it a try next year. I can’t be involved in CMT since I can’t sing, but there are acting groups at Clark that I could try to get involved in.



The reason I couldn’t go to one of the Spring Awakening performances is actually because I was at another performance, called ‘Yoni Ki Baat’. SASA (South Asian Students Association) organized this annual event, which is the South Asian version of the Vagina Monologues. A number of female students went on stage and delivered monologues that dealt with South Asian women’s issues, ranging from women’s rights to social problems they may face. Although I’m not South Asian, I could relate to most of them. My (American) friends couldn’t relate to most, but even they enjoyed the event, saying they felt educated. The actors were so, so talented as well, changing their accents and attitudes in a split second to deliver very powerful lines.


So it was a good weekend to end a very busy week with two midterms and two essays. I’m very excited about tonight, too, since I’ll be going to a concert (Yellowcard) in Boston. It almost makes me forget how angry I am at people for burning their popcorn and setting off the fire alarm in JSC at 1.30am last night. Almost.

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