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November 12, 2012


It snowed. It snowed? It SNOWED!

As some of you know, I’m from Cyprus. It’s an island in the Mediterranean Sea, above Egypt, below Turkey. And for about a month during the summer, the temperature does not drop below 40°C (≈100°F).


I’d only seen snow about 3 times my whole life, and never actually lived with it… until Wednesday this week. I was walking back to my dorm, at around 2 pm, when all of a sudden – there, in the corner of my eye! A snowflake! It took all my strength to not stand in the middle of the path, watching the snowflakes fly by. In half an hour, this light snowfall had started accumulating in tiny white masses on the side of the pavements. Even that got me really excited, I couldn’t stop smiling.



An hour later, a very thin layer of white covered everything on the quad, right outside my window.



An hour after that, everything was white. “Oh my god, there’s so much snow, everywhere!!”



An hour after that, the snow was ankle-high and I was dancing around, giddy as a 5-year-old.


My local friends had quite a bit of fun, watching me freak out about the snow (which was apparently a one-day thing, and just a taste of what awaits), but that’s okay; I had my fun in the snow. I (apparently) didn’t have suitable gloves, and the snow (apparently) wasn’t the type you can pack, but I still made a snow angel and threw masses of snow that closely resembled balls at my friends. It’s all good.


Even without the snow, this week was pretty good. First we had the conclusion to Journey, a fair put on by the ISA (International Student Association) that included seminars by professors and movie showings on diversity. The conclusion was a food fair where a large number of students cooked native dishes from their home country (or where they identified to be their home country). It was free to get in, and almost impossible to get out. Only when they started running out of food and I started running out of stomach space did I leave, regretting how much I ate in merely 30 minutes. From appetizers to meaty dishes to desserts, there were all kinds of food. I was happily surprised to find them all to be so well-prepared and so, so delicious.


The next night, on Friday, I went to see Hip Hop Collabo’s show: “Your Wildest Dreams”. The performances were absolutely amazing. They were choreographed and executed by the same group of talented students, from all classes. The show made me want to dance, something I’ve regretfully stopped doing since I’ve come to Clark. I’ve never danced Hip-Hop, but I’d love to try. I’ll improve myself over the summer and come back to Clark ready to audition for HHC next year. :)


So for now, I’m clinging to the tiny heaps of snow that have yet to melt, here and there on campus. And although most of Worcester probably hates me for it, I’m secretly wishing for it to snow again.


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