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November 5, 2012


I went to see my favourite band live.

I went to see my favourite band live.




As you can see, concerts don't have the best lighting for photos.

It was a few days ago, on Friday night, but I’m still not over it. The concert was a part of Pierce the Veil’s “Collide with the Sky” tour, with Sleeping with Sirens, Tonight Alive, and Hands Like Houses as openers. I bought my ticket to this concert within the week the tickets went on sale, in August – that was before I even came to the US. I’m so glad I did, because the VIP tickets had already been sold out (in 2 hours!) and the regular tickets sold out soon after. Once I knew I was going, I posted about it on the Clark Class of 2016 group, which was already very active with people freaking out about college. Through there, I met two amazing people [Katherine & Branden] who offered to take me to the concert with them!

(Once again, thank you so much. It was truly one of the best nights of my life.)


When we were done freaking out about the concert – which, admittedly, took a while – we headed down to The Palladium. It’s a concert venue on Main Street, only about 15 minutes from Clark by driving. Once there, we got in line and started waiting for the doors to open. “Wow, such a short line!”


We were in the wrong line.


Once we realized, we started walking to the end of the line we were supposed to be in… which happened to go around the block. Not even exaggerating. By the time we reached the end of the line, we were actually pretty close to the doors; just from the wrong side, facing the opposite way.


Once the doors were opened a freezing 40 minutes later, we started inching towards the doors, and 20 minutes after that, we were finally inside. The place was packed. We stuck together through the first two openers, but during the third we got separated. We all found each other every once in a while – or at least saw one another and made sure they were still alive and doing well among the sweaty mass of people that shoved and kicked simply because they themselves were being shoved and kicked. The entire venue was one big mosh pit, with smaller (much scarier and much more violent) mosh pits within it.


by Adam Elmakias, click to see source


The bands were all amazing on stage. I wasn’t disappointed the slightest bit by any of them, although I expected to be: they sounded almost exactly as they do on their recorded tracks. If anything, this concert made me love these bands even more.


I’m sure there were more things going on around me, but I think the concert has clouded my vision because I can’t remember what I did the rest of the week. It all seems so dull when I compare them to the night of the concert.


There was Halloween day, one of my favourite holidays of the year, but not much happened on the day since most events had happened the weekend before. I was expecting more people to dress up (only maybe 20% of Clark seemed to be in costume), so that was a bit disappointing, but I think there were two main problems in that: people either didn’t have a costume (tsk tsk!) or didn’t want to be the only one in costume, so they didn’t wear one in the first place. I think friends and classmates should discuss whether they will be in costume so that no one gets anxious about it and everyone can enjoy this lovely holiday as they wish. I know I was happy in my costume, I wish more people could’ve felt that way.


So.. I saw my favourite band live.


Still not over it.

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  1. Nov 5 2012

    best night ever!! <3

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