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October 29, 2012

Happy Halloweekend!

So, Hurricane Sandy’s headed our way.



Although we’ll only get strong winds and rain, and not the complete destructive wrath of Sandy, there is still the state-wide emergency warning and all – tomorrow’s classes are cancelled!


I’ve never been through anything comparable to a hurricane, so I’m naturally pretty freaked out. I have friends who are local, though, and they’ve been telling me the potential power cuts are the worst part. Still, I ended up going to Big Y with a bunch of friends and stocking up on yummy food. Banana and pumpkin bread, chicken noodle soup, canned potato meals and mac & cheese, chips and dip, nuts, cider… oh, I bought so much food. The good news is that I’ve got enough food. The bad news is that… I’ll end up eating it all. We’ve also got Clark providing us with boxed dinner & breakfast that should be enough for tomorrow night and Tuesday morning, when the Caf won’t be open. We’ve got this.


And just in time for the hurricane, I got one of the two care packages my parents sent me! The one I’ve received contained a newspaper from back home, leg warmers that I apparently should’ve packed, socks, a new long-sleeved shirt, cookies & crackers, and a packet of Cypriot cup-a-soup (with more on the way, in the other package)! It was great to receive a care package, even though it just made me miss home so much more. I really love it here, I wouldn’t transfer or return home for good if you gave me the chance – but I miss home.


This past weekend was actually very busy with many Halloween events going on. My costume (for my first ever Halloween!) was Magenta, from Rocky Horror Picture Show. I bought the costume online, and got the amazing boots for $5 in the Clark Community Thrift Store! There were many people who had no idea who/what I was supposed to be, but compliments from people who knew made up for it. I first wore it to the annual midnight screening of Rocky Horror (with the entire spiel for the ‘Rocky virgins’) on Friday, then to Drag Ball on Saturday night. I can’t put into words how much fun was packed into those two days. There was also a haunted house right on campus, put on by SPOC [Science-fiction People Of Clark] in Atwood Hall, and a show by Peapod Squad! On top of all those, a group of my friends and I went on a day trip to Salem for only $5. Man, I love how cheap things are sometimes.


I may look uncomfortable, but it’s only because I was trying so hard to balance on one very-high-heeled boot. I am otherwise very happy to be a part of “Eddie’s Teddies” <3

I’ll give you brief descriptions of the events, although I can’t do justice. Drag ball, as I’ve mentioned before, is the annual Halloween dance OPEN puts on. You can come in costume or in anything you’d like, but it’s encouraged to dress in drag. People had a lot of fun dressing in drag, I have to say, almost as much as they enjoyed seeing people perform in drag. There were solo, duet, and group performances; that is, people lip-syncing to the song of their choice and dancing. I was a part of a group performance, where two lovely ladies dressed as Eddie (Maria) and Columbia (Caroline) and I did ‘Hot Patootie’, all from Rocky Horror.


the line to the Peapod show was SO long.

The Peapod Squad is an improv comedy group at Clark. I really love them, although I’ve only seen 2-3 performances. Every show is different, and they always have some audience participation.


The Salem trip was rushed, but still very fun! A lot of people were in costume, and some were frighteningly accurate. I mean, we saw Freddy and Jason interact. You can’t top that.



So, we have campus-wide excitement due to upcoming weather conditions, and the Halloween weekend was really one of the most fun weekends I’ve had. I’ve got my leg warmers, great food, and lots of movies – I’m ready for you Sandy.

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