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October 22, 2012

Being thankful isn’t just for Thanksgiving!

So… I tabled for the first time on Friday. [Tabling is when you sit at a table with flyers and posters and what not, near where the entrance to the Caf is, and try to persuade people into attending your event.] I was tabling for OPEN, specifically for Drag Ball. Actually, I am now on the committee! I will be tabling again, I’ll be checking and putting on wristbands during Drag Ball, and I’ll be attending meetings such as today’s to discuss the logistics. Most of the planning is done by the e-board (people in charge of an association), but the details are discussed by the committee. The Drag Ball is next Saturday, October 27th. You can expect to read more about it next week! :)


After my tabling, I went down to the Grind to see the Cabaret – an event by Clark Musical Theatre (CMT) where some songs from different musicals are performed. This is an annual event that can give you a glimpse of the talent that may be sitting next to you in class. Everyone that sang was truly very talented, belting out notes that gave me chills. There were songs from Les Mis, Chicago, Peter Pan, Wicked, and many more! I’m actually looking for a way to watch Homemade Fusion simply because of how hilarious the song was. There were solos, group performances, and duets. It was overall a very fun night, but I must warn everyone that if you’re anything like me, it will probably make you feel bad about not being able to sing.



Saturday night was absolutely lovely. There was an Eid & Diwali dinner organized by SASA (South Asian Students Association). Although I’m not Muslim or South Asian, I was brought up in a Muslim society and Indian food is integrated into the cuisine of Cyprus, as well as others. Eid is actually next week, when my parents will be visiting my relatives and other loved ones, just like I would’ve if I was back home. Instead, I celebrated it last night with some friends and great Indian food. The food was as delicious as it was spicy – that is, very, very much. :D As if that wasn’t enough, we even got entertainment! There were three dance performances by the SASA dance troupe, and one folk song performed by two students. I have a video of the first dance and photos of everything else – dear lord, so many talented people around!


(a little tip: you can always click the photos to see a bigger version!)


The lovely night had a lovely end, too. Saturday was the peak night of the annual Orionid meteor shower. So, EcoReps had a stargazing event up on the observation deck (yes, we do have one, and it gives you a gorgeous view!) with hot apple cider. Unfortunately I was only able to catch one meteor, but I spent a short amount of time there, it wasn’t the peak time, and the one meteor I saw was pretty clear/bright so I consider myself lucky. There were also three telescopes set up, and through one I got to see Jupiter with 4 of its moons!



Sometimes we tend to forget the awesome things we could do. This weekend definitely made me feel better about life in general – how even though we might live far from home, we can still find a piece of it at Clark and hold onto it. I’ve actually been invited to a few homes for Thanksgiving, and it feels great to know I have people I can turn to if I ever need to. We need to remember that we can also do amazing things that not many people get to do in their lifetime, like see a meteor shower or look at Jupiter through a telescope! I guess I just need to work on reminding myself, like my fortune cookie from the Caf said the other day, “You have a lot to be thankful for.”


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