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October 14, 2012

Are 3-day weeks supposed to feel this long?

Because of Fall Break, we didn’t have classes on Monday and Tuesday. I of course spent the two days sleeping, watching TV shows, and wondering if I should be doing homework.


Conclusion: I should’ve been doing homework. I should not have left all my lab reports, essays, and various other pieces of homework to the last day.  I ended up getting very little sleep on Wednesday night, so I slept for most of Thursday. A good sleeping schedule? What’s that?


The 3-day week felt like it dragged on, with the unbalanced sleep I was getting, combined with losing my appetite. This week would’ve been a ‘Bad Week’ for me, if it wasn’t for three things: this week’s Queer Horror class, getting my Physics midterm back, and movie day with a portion of the Queer Horror class!


For this week’s Queer Horror class on Wednesday, we watched Rocky Horror Picture Show. (Yes, it’s that movie where Tim Curry plays a transvestite from outer space. Only by watching will you understand…) I love that movie very, very much. I was so excited about it that I sang songs from the movie for three days, leading up to the class. I woke up the day of the class and actually started singing to myself, “it’s just a jump to the left!”. I would’ve gotten up and did the dance, too, if I wasn’t so sleepy. Oh well, I guess we all have our quirks… right? Right?!


The Physics midterm went really well. There’s a good chance I’ll get an A from Physics, overall, which makes me extremely happy. I came to Clark thinking I’d be a Physics major. I’ve been thinking, for the past few weeks, and I’m not entirely sure anymore. Professor Plante teaches Queer Horror, and our advisors – until we declare a major – are the professors that teach our FYI. So, I went to see her. She gave me some great advice, which made me even happier about coming to Clark. As Clark is a liberal arts college, we are encouraged to try out different subjects; that’s going to be my strategy for next semester. I’m going to see if there are other subjects that I enjoy more than Physics (which hopefully don’t require Maths as a part of the major), and only after that I’ll declare my major.



And, once again, a part of our Queer Horror class met up to watch movies! We invited everyone, but unfortunately only some could make it. We had lots of candy to keep us going after the lunch we had together, which wasn’t very healthy, but it was good enough for a Sunday. We watched slasher movies like Scream and the Texas Chain Saw Massacre. I couldn’t watch the Massacre entirely, though, because I left to go to OPEN’s weekly discussion. This week’s topic was Allies, due to the coming week being Ally Week! Identify and support the allies around you! :)


There are only about two weeks before Halloween. I really should start thinking about my costume. Hmm… do I go vague and scary, and just put together a bloody bride costume, or do I go specific and nerdy, and cosplay as one of my favorite characters? Ah, too difficult to choose! Oh well, I can do both – we’re also planning a trip to Salem, so that gives me another chance to dress up. ;p

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