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October 7, 2012

Hey, guys? I’m coming out.

Um, I’d like to come out as… completely in love with OPEN.


Remember when I told you about OPEN’s first general interest meeting? Well, I’ve been going to all the others since then, and starting with the next one, I’ll also be going to the discussions! I’d loved the atmosphere of OPEN from the first meeting, and heard of all the different events they host. But for some reason, I can’t comprehend just how amazing some events are until I’m at them. [sidenote: we watched Christoph Sawyer's short documentary, Homophobia in High School - it was really good and you should definitely watch it! Christoph is a First Year at Clark this year, and he's a part of OPEN.]


Coming Out Stories was one of those events. I was planning on going to a concert in Boston the same night, but (thankfully? unfortunately? I can’t decide!) the plans fell through and I was able to attend Stories in the Grind – which is a room below the Caf where small events requiring a stage are usually held. I came in a few minutes late, but other than that, I was able to hear every story that was told between 7.05pm and 11.05pm. Four hours, uncountable stories.


I had a midterm the next day so I thought I would only stay for the first hour or so. What I hadn’t realized was how good this event makes everyone feel; it’s almost addictive. Most stories were about coming out, related to their sexuality or gender. A small portion were about other personal issues like depression, eating disorders, anxieties, or other matters people have had to deal with in silence. Some were sad (I cried, not going to lie), and some were happy. Often, they were funny or tragic, or all at once, but the event overall was freeing.


So, without boring you all, I wanted to introduce OPEN. I can see myself being involved with OPEN for four years, to be honest. If you attend Coming Out Stories next year [which you should], I promise to go with you. :)


This week was the week before Fall Break (starting this weekend, ending on Tuesday) so everyone had at least one midterm to stress about. The light at the end of the tunnel for me wasn’t actually Fall Break, since I’ll be staying at Clark and working on catching up on my classwork. Not fun. Instead, I was looking forward to seeing Frankenweenie on Friday (IT WAS AMAZING, go see it) and going to Boston with Gemma on Saturday. Great to see that Boston is just as lovely as I remember it.


Mark my words, I’ll live in Boston one day. But for the meantime, I’m at Clark – which resembles a ghost town since everyone’s away for Fall Break – and I couldn’t be happier.

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