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October 1, 2012

Winter is coming, a.k.a. The Downfall of the Mediterranean Student

Yes, it’s true, New England weather is harsh on the foreigners.

I’ve never lived in a place that had temperatures lower than about 9 degrees Celsius (48F). I’ve only seen snow about 4 times in my life, and it has never snowed in my home country (Cyprus – an island in the Mediterranean Sea) except for the mountains, and that’s only for a few days a year.

It’s not even October yet! It’s only been a month and a half since I’ve arrived here! I’m dressing properly, with many more, thicker layers than everyone else! I’ve got midterms coming up! Guess what? The cold doesn’t care. It will just make you sick.



It’s not even the cold, it’s the seasons changing that’s made me sick, apparently. That’s what my parents said, when I talked to them over Skype today. They told me which medicines to take, and what to do, and what to eat, and numerous other things, but nothing changes the fact that my mommy isn’t here to cook me her tomato soup and bring it to me while I lie on the couch with my blanket. :(

It’s especially heartbreaking because it’s family weekend, and there are so many parents around. Of course my parents couldn’t come, from halfway across the world, but I still feel bad about it. I miss my sister, too, not just my parents – although, my sister is no less than a third parent to me. She’s in London, not Cyprus, so it’s like our lovely family is in three pieces all around the world. Aaah. Maybe it’s this cough syrup making me emotional, but I really miss my family. *


So… yeah. The weather’s changing. The leaves are turning all kinds of beautiful colours, it’s raining one day and it’s sunny the next, and winter is coming. (No, don’t worry, we don’t have whitewalkers here. I think.)


* There’s a post coming up about keeping in touch with your family as an international student, just to let you all know. :)

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