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November 28, 2012

Happy Giving Tuesday: Clarkies Giving Kind Compliments


Thanksgiving, Black Friday, Cyber Monday…isn’t it a little ironic that our society celebrates a day of thanks by eating excessively which is then followed by a weekend of mass consumption? Not many people know about Giving Tuesday, the day that truly completes the circle: first of giving thanks, then being thankful for what you can afford and enjoy, and finally giving back to others. Giving Tuesday is a day where businesses, charities, foundations, and other organizations encourage donations more than ever in an attempt to alter the way individuals perceive the giving season. Throughout social media sites such as Twitter and Facebook, Giving Tuesday has been trending, discussed, and even popularized on a personal level. People have expressed the ways that they have been “giving back” such as donating to Care, Stand up to Cancer, Join My Village, or Heifer International, like I did today.

Although I am sure a substantial amount of Clarkies participated in Giving Tuesday, there has been a different giving trend on campus recently. Last night as I reluctantly closed my internet window full of Cyber Monday deals, knowing that I didn’t need anything, when my two friends asked if I had seen what someone wrote about me on “Clark Compliments.” “What?” I replied, having absolutely no clue what they were referring to. My roommate then led me to the Facebook comment which read “Olivia Claire Rogine is the most generous and loving person ever. She shines brighter than diamonds!” I immediately felt so touched and uplifted as I had just been whining about the obscene amount of work I have ahead of me for finals week. I began to read the countless kind words that my fellow Clarkies wrote about each other and couldn’t help but be thankful, more than ever, that I go to a school surrounded by such genuine people. Clark Compliments has reinvented the original “Like a Little,” the college crush page which was popular my freshman year. Clark Compliments is a Facebook page started by an anonymous member of the community who accepts messages from people complimenting other students at Clark. These messages are then posted on the wall of Clark Compliments. But who really deserves a huge compliment in all of this, is the person who created this page; sharing and giving so much love to others.

A simple smile can make someones day, but the affirmation that you are a unique and loved person is probably the best give you could ever give. So give thanks, give to others, and give compliments this holiday season.

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