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October 28, 2012


Baila conmigo: La Noche Latina


Hola, quiero hablarte de mi viernes por la noche! Translation: Hello, I want to tell you about my Friday night! After struggling through basic Spanish in my early high school years I decided to delve back into the language this semester at Clark. One of the eight perspectives students have to complete is the Language and Culture perspective. Essentially, two semesters of Spanish would satisfy this requirement. However, I am currently enrolled in a Spanish intensive course; Fast Track Spanish. This means an hour and fifty minute class three days a week as well as a fifty minute discussion. Fast Track Spanish is also weighted heavily grade and credit wise since it is two classes combined into one. Though the course is language based, my classmates and I have been able to enjoy some cultural experiences as well. We are all partnered with a Latin American student who we have occasional meetings, dinners, and conversations with. On Friday night my class attended La Noche Latina, an annual event at Clark, and conversed with our spanish speaking partners. There was food, music, and dancing throughout the night. During dinner I enjoyed various typical cuisine such as empanadas, sweet and salty plantains, beans, rice, and flan. The Clark University Salsa Team also performed dances from all over Latin America such as Bachata, originated in the Dominican Republic. It always surprises me how diverse Clark is for a small liberal arts school and I was reminded yet again after the night full of culture and cuisine in good company.

Vero, my Latin American partner!

My classmates and I at La Noche Latina

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  1. Stefanie Gough
    Oct 28 2012

    My roommate was in Noche Latina!! Sweet Spanish skills, by the way ;)

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