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October 21, 2012

To All of the Uninformed and Indecisive Voters Out There

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There are those who anticipate the Summer Olympics every four years; others, the Winter Olympics. But being the politically minded person I am, this is what I have been waiting for: Election season. May the games begin. Since the debates and campaigns are now in full swing, I have had some discussions with classmates, friends, professors, acquaintances, and family members regarding politics. Let me just say, I am a firm liberal, democratic voting woman. Some of these discussions have been in mutual agreement in support of reelecting President Barack Obama. Few have been in disagreement. But far too many went something like this: “it doesn’t matter who I vote for,” “I don’t know enough to have a opinion,” “the outcome of this election doesn’t effect me,” and the infamous “I am not voting because I don’t like either candidate.” There is one thing that irritates me more than a hardcore republican, and that is the uninformed and indecisive voter.

I have grown up with the notion that my opinion matters, I have the power to influence others, and the rights I have as a citizen of the United States of America are to be taken seriously. All of these ideas have made me one to advocate for voicing my perspective on politics, discussing it with others, and casting my ballot in each and every election. I am writing this blog entry because not enough people holds these ideals. Democrat, Republican, or Independent, every single person in this country has the power to contribute to choosing their own fate. As a country the U.S. has prided itself on many things, one being the freedom we all enjoy. But it is time that the people start exercising that freedom of speech and the general right to vote. With that being said, I am asking you make a informed decision about who you want to elect as President of this country. If you live and breathe in the U.S. this election DOES affect you. I am voting for Obama under many roles: as female, democratic, tax paying, college student, who advocates for equal marriage rights and the woman’s right to choose. I recognize that not everyone holds these views, but at least those people have a view of their own. Now form your opinion and rock the vote!

“Nobody will ever deprive the American people of the right to vote except the American people themselves and the only way they could do this is by not voting.” -Franklin D. Roosevelt




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