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October 14, 2012

I wasn’t sure what to blog about, and then I got in a car accident.


I know, right?! I was worried I wouldn’t have something to write about too. Once again, my motto “everything happens for a reason” rings true. On a more serious note, I actually did get t-boned by another car today. While on my way to pick up my roommates just a few blocks away from home, I was driving when a car pull out of a parallel park to make a U turn, and smashed into the passenger side of my car. With wet roads from the early morning rain, I skidded into the other lane and swerved to avoid both a car coming towards me head on and a pedestrian on the sidewalk. Feeling my heart pounding out of my chest and my stomach lodged in my throat, I then slammed on the breaks and took in what had just happened. My first few words were definitely profanity from my frustration and adrenaline rushing through my body. Unsure of what to do, I wandered over to the driver  and discussed the situation. My two other friends happened to be walking by when they saw me and called the police. Minutes later, I had four other friends arrive to comfort me.

It is in those moments when you truly realize how lucky you are. My parents and I were soon cracking jokes about the accident over our phone conversation after the fact. Despite the weight of the situation the true point is that it was car, not a life. I still do believe that everything happens for a reason. And today, that reason was to remind me of how thankful I should be for every single thing in my life; for the wonderful friends I have that made me smile instead of cry, for the parents I have that made me laugh instead of apologize, for the sister I have that made me just one accident closer to her record in my family, and for you readers that should think twice about just how good you have it. I have always been a optimist, and that is because complaining gets you no where. My experience at Clark has made me more thankful than I have ever been. Yes, I whine about excessive amounts of school work and not getting enough sleep, but the truth is I am so fortunate. Happy Sentimental Sunday!

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