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October 7, 2012

Red Leaves and White Pandas


I have a confession to make. I am falling head over heals for fall. When driving home for October break yesterday afternoon I was pleased to have my two and a half hour trip from Worcester, MA to Rhinebeck, NY full of autumn colors and scenic views. Growing up on the East Coast has spoiled me a bit. I am always wanting a change, and luckily that is bound to happen every few months. While most department stores jump right into the Halloween influenced season before necessary, the Worcester weather has been taking it’s time. Over the past few weeks the leaves have been slowing transitioning from muted greens, to golden, vibrant oranges, and even raging red. Now, I have guilty pleasures in every season, whether it be hot chocolate in the winter, arnold palmers in the spring, or barbecue food in the summer. But fall seems to be filled of all of my favorite things. Hear me out, not only do I await Halloween all year round, but November is also my birthday month, and there is even a day dedicated to that’s a reason to be thankful in itself. That being said, I have allowed myself a few treats here and there over this long weekend home. Pumpkin muffins, pie assortments, chai tea lattes, butternut squash soup, apple cider, peanut butter balls, sweet potatoes, cinnamon dark chocolate, fall blend coffee, and hazelnut hinted bread. Good, I didn’t think I was overdoing it either.

Fall hues

Home sweet home

Though I wish these days of relaxation, indulgence (and having my parents pay for everything) could last a bit longer, Clark awaits me with the fall concert! Aside from a few dreaded papers and upcoming midterms, I am anxiously anticipating The White Panda performance on Thursday night. The group consists of two male deejays who are consistently making popular mashups. As I have mentioned in previous posts, being a Peer Adviser has it’s perks. I scored a free ticket to see The White Panda along with all of my fellow PA’s. Clark’s own deejay Andrew Berger, A.K.A DJ ASmooth will also be opening for the group. So maybe my vacation isn’t ending as soon as I thought after all.

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