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April 7, 2014

Melissa Miller: Master Adventurer


Look how beautiful the arboretum can be! (From

Look how beautiful the arboretum can be! (From

I never had a subscription to Ranger Rick as a child. Maybe I was missing out on a solid piece of literature, but to me, Ranger Rick seemed like a watered-down version of Zoobooks meant for an audience younger than myself. Looking back at it, I realized that the premise behind Ranger Rick was quite a bit more complex than that; the point of the magazine was to get children engaged in things that are going on around them, and to gain an awareness of things that aren’t directly in front of their faces.

In a weird twisting of logic, that’s kind of my situation here in Worcester. I’ve been here for almost two years, and yet I’ve neglected a lot of the amazing places and services that Worcester has to offer. I’ve been around but I’ve never taken advantage of a lot of the amazing things that people are always urging me to go take advantage  of.

This week, I finally got the opportunity to go to the Hadwen Arboretum on a field trip for my Ecology class. The arboretum, according to Clark’s Sustainability page (LINK!), “contains 6.4 acres of unspoiled woodland green space in the heart of Worcester city”. Visiting the arboretum has been continually pushed back on my to-do list since I first arrived at Clark, but for a variety of reasons, my visit kept getting pushed back.

Thankfully, the weather has finally decided to be more spring-like, and it was delightfully warm and sunny when I visited. Since the weather had just turned nice, there was no new growth or greenery, but green or not, the arboretum is absolutely beautiful. How I had never visited before is completely beyond me, but I know that I’ll definitely be visiting more frequently from now on.

As soon as I returned from my extremely pleasant few hours at the arboretum, I immediately went to the train station with a friend to catch a train to Boston. Like the arboretum, Boston is somewhere I’d like to visit more often, but my visits keep getting delayed. It’s so easy to get there, and there are so many things to do there, but I just never seem to get around to actually going.

But on Wednesday I did! A friend had bought me a ticket to go see Miley Cyrus at the TD Garden. Although I’m not the world’s biggest Miley fan, I still had an amazing time. Going into the city, for whatever reason, never fails to be a good time. We got to spend some time in the streets of Cambridge before grabbing Chipotle (mmmm…Chipotle…), navigating the phenomenon that is public transportation, and heading over to the concert.

By the time I finally got home, I was exhausted; that was a lot of adventuring for one day. I’m super amped for the summer to finally come around, because I know there will be plenty more adventures to come!

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