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October 7, 2013


Finding Inspiration Around Campus

Spotted: Clark squirrel being inspirational and adorable

Spotted: Clark squirrel being inspirational and adorable

I am endlessly amused by Clark’s squirrels. Maybe it’s because we don’t have squirrels in Alaska, or maybe it’s because I’m easily amused. Honestly, it’s most likely a combination of the two. It’s hard not to laugh when you see a squirrel emerge from a trash can with an entire bagel. You just know that that squirrel’s life was definitely just made. Also, I’m not sure if you can really understand humor until you’ve witnessed a squirrel legitimately walk. Not run, or scamper, or even hop a little bit, but partake in a leisurely stroll. It’s both hilarious and alarming; watching a squirrel waddle, going about its daily business, is like seeing a cactus growing in a rainforest. It’s just not quite right.

But as much as I love to sit back and laugh at the antics of Clark’s squirrels, I also have a deep-seated respect for our sassy, bushy-tailed friends. If I were to compile a list of the top ten people/objects/existences I respect (which I won’t burden you with here, but may appear in a later blog post), it would definitely, without a doubt include my mother, Tina Fey, and the squirrels of Clark University.

I know it sounds ridiculous, but the Clark squirrels have the self-confidence, drive, and audacity that is

Action shot of a squirrel on its way to follow its dreams

Action shot of a squirrel on its way to follow its dreams

rarely seen in the day-to-day human being. The squirrels on our campus do whatever they want, whenever they want, simply because they want to. They know what’s best for their little squirrely selves, and act in a way that allows them to meet their basic needs, achieve their goals, and follow their dreams. If a squirrel sees a slice of pizza hanging out in a trashcan, it puts itself on a limb (hypothetically, although, hanging out on limbs is in fact an activity that squirrels often do), and does everything in its power to get that piece of pizza. The squirrel has so much drive, and so much ambition, that it will, without a doubt, go into that trashcan and retrieve the pizza, even if it means getting in a fight with another squirrel, running through stampedes of undergraduates, or getting covered in trash slime. It may be a rough experience, but the squirrel will emerge from the depths of the trash can, bruised, battered, and battle worn, with its spoils of war; a cold, half-eaten slice of pizza.

Simply speaking, campus squirrels are inspirational. Imagine what the world would be like if we all channeled even a tiny bit of campus squirrel into our daily lives. I like to think we would attack the day with a newfound energy and ferocity, papers would be finished early, dreaded assignments would be accomplished with ease, struggles would be overcome, and dreams and goals, no matter how ambitious, would be reached.

Some may walk through Clark’s campus and ignore our adorably ambitious friends, and others may acknowledge them, but dismiss them. One day, I hope we can all draw on our squirrels as a source of inspiration. But until then, we can all sit back and laugh quietly to ourselves as we watch squirrels frolic throughout our campus.



For more Clark squirrel information, visit the Clark Squirrels Facebook page here

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    Love it! Squirrels are so cute!

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