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September 24, 2013

Home is Where the Heart Is

Roommates chillin' on a lazy Sunday.

Roommates chillin’ on a lazy Sunday.

When I was younger, I was the kid you see on every single pre-teen television show that you want to grab by the shoulders, shake them, and scream “WHY DON’T YOU EVER GO HOME? WHERE ARE YOUR PARENTS? WHAT ARE YOU DOING?” I was never at home, I was always at someone else’s house until my mother called and made me come home, and then I would leave and go back to the same person’s house first thing in the morning. Why spend all my time at home when I could be somewhere else having a bunch of the time of my life with people my age who are a gajillion times more interesting than my parents?  I just wanted to gather up a bunch of my friends and put them in one place and live there and have a grand old time. Typical angsty pre-teen notion.

And now I do. My 5th grade dreams have come true; I live with four of my closest friends in a suite in Maywood Hall. Living with a group of girls, or even a group of people, can seem daunting, especially after living my entire life with an entire space that I could truly call my own. Over the summer, when I told friends and family about my future living arrangements, I heard a lot of:

“Are you sure?”

“That sounds awful crowded,”


“Five girls in one space? Wouldn’t you rather just live alone?”

and other variations of similar statements. I understand where the concern is coming from, but I absolutely love my living situation. Sure, there are times when it’s loud, or overwhelming, or when everyone is fighting or yelling (we yell a lot), but unpleasant situations are more of the exception than the rule.

There is always someone to eat dinner with, or to hang out with, or to talk to after a bad day. If you need to spend some time alone, it’s available to you, but there is almost always at least one other person around to just be with. It’s so comforting to know that there’s someone else around, but that they aren’t right on top of you, which is how I felt when I lived in a double room. Compared to last year, I feel much more social, because I’m immediately surrounded by four other people, and I don’t have to actively seek out social situations.  I also really like the feeling that I’m surrounded by people that will constantly have my back. College gets hard – and knowing that you can come home to a room of people who truly enjoy you feels absolutely wonderful.

Quite often, I’ve heard people warn others against living with their closest friends, to avoid running the risk of hating their guts by the end of the year. I can see where people might find some validity in this, but I just don’t quite understand why you would want to establish a home with people you feel pretty okay about when you can do it with people you love instead.

Like every single framed cross-stich project in every single grandmother’s home ever says, home is where the heart is. And right now, both my home and my heart are holed up in Maywood Hall with four of the greatest people I know.

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