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April 29, 2013

Nice Weather Woes

My mother sent me a picture this morning of the front yard covered in at least a foot of snow. Although it’s not the norm to have that much snow at the end of April,

The green on a sunny day. It's the place to be.

The green on a sunny day. It’s the place to be.

it’s definitely not unheard of. In a few weeks, most of the snow will be gone and Alaska will jump straight into summer. I’m at a complete loss as to how everyone in the contiguous United States manages to get through finals at all. How can people possibly get anything done when it’s so nice outside? In my past experience, it’s always been too cold and dark to do anything other than sit inside and diligently commit myself to finals. But now, it’s 65 degrees and sunny and I have to sit inside write three papers.  It’s killing me. Everyone down here deserves a big round of applause for finding the delicate balance between soaking up the sunshine and getting all of their work done. I’m certainly struggling with it. Every sunny day presents a new challenge of my academic willpower.

I was hoping to write this post outside on the green (even though it would be hard to see, but so worth it), but my laptop battery was dead and I need to charge it. My heart broke as soon as I walked through the doors into the library.

Every time the sun is out and it’s relatively warm, something beautiful happens; the green becomes a center of livelihood. Clarkies from all corners of campus gather outside to enjoy the lovely weather before homework, classes, studying and obligations force them to return to the great indoors.

The green on a sunny day is, by far, my favorite place on campus. Hands down, no questions asked. It may seem conditional and very specific, but the two conditions go together incredibly well; the green isn’t much fun on a rainy day, and the sunshine isn’t that great when you have to spend your entire day inside working on a paper, or you’re stranded in a parking lot or something. There something undeniably pleasant about sitting outside with at least a hundred other people who don’t want to go inside and do work just as much as you do. The small grassy patch on campus basically turns into a makeshift party; someone is always playing music, all your friends are there, there are Frisbees and footballs and that game with the Frisbee and the bucket (whatever it may be), and once I even witnessed a game of croquet.

The green on a sunny day is a center for leisure and procrastination. It’s like a safety zone against the struggles of school work. It’s beautiful. You can pretend to do work, but you and everyone around you is fully aware that you aren’t going to do anything productive. The green on a sunny day is camaraderie.The green on a sunny day is a lazy protest against academia. The green on a sunny day is a congregation of all the best parts brought together. The green on a sunny day is one of my absolutely favorite places to be, but it sure is making my life a whole lot more difficult than it really needs to be.

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