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March 17, 2013

Keeping Busy: A Sample of Clubs and Activities

One of the things that I love the most about everyone at Clark is that everyone is passionate about something, and that passion translates into involvement. I don’t know a single person on campus who isn’t involved in any sort of club or activity, it’s incredible. We have an incredibly wide range of clubs, meaning there are so many ways to get active on campus and in the Worcester community, and there are always events to attend. I like to believe that I’m pretty active on campus, but there are still so many things that I want to get involved with. I thought it would be a supreme idea to discuss the clubs I’m involved with so all the incoming first-years can have a small taste of what kind of things there are to do here.

Democrats of Clark University

Out of all of the clubs that I’m active in, I would say that this one is where most of my time and effort is channeled into. We spend a lot of time registering students to vote in elections, canvassing for candidates, and discussing important political topics at our Issues Nights. I know it sounds a little dry, especially if you aren’t

The Eco-Reps logo. Fancy, huh?

particularly gung-ho about politics, but it’s actually a lot of fun and I really enjoy it. Although I’m not the biggest political junkie out there, I get a deep satisfaction in getting involved with local Massachusetts politics, and I’ve found that it’s a really easy way to stay politically informed.


I joined Eco-Reps at the beginning of this semester after I heard about Clark’s Climate Action plan, which aims to reduce the emissions of the school to net-zero by the year 2030. I think that this is a beyond cool ambition, and I wanted to get behind it any way that I could. I thought Eco-Reps would be a great way to do that because it aims to inform students on sustainable habits and the dos and don’ts of recycling and other environmentally friendly behaviors. The club is split up into several different committees; Projects, Collaboration, Events, and Hall Heads. As a member of Hall Heads, it’s my job to communicate with the members of my residence hall about sustainability and to answer any questions they have. I also makeĀ bulletinĀ board postings to inform my hallmates on certain topics or events that are occurring within Eco-Reps. The projects committee has been working diligently for a long time on bringing composting to Clark, and was able to set up the infrastructure to have composting in three of the first-year residence halls for next year!

The concert band is absolutely the bee’s knees, and rehearsal is by far the highlight of my week. Not only is everyone in the band the friendliest person on the planet (possible hyperbole here), but also everyone is super committed to the band. I think what makes the band so spectacular is that everyone has a different ability level, and not a single member is a music major, but we still make incredible music.

Clark Yoga

I don’t know what I would do without Clark Yoga. If you haven’t been able to tell from a few of my previous posts, I’m a big yoga fan. It’s a great way to build strength, gain flexibility, and find a connection with yourself. The yoga classes at Clark are wonderful, and they’re offered at multiple times during the week so that,

I nabbed this photo off the Clark Yoga page. I’m in it, can you find me? Go check out Clark Yoga on Facebook. It’s amazing.

no matter what you’re schedule is like, there’s a class for you. And the best part is that all the classes are completely free!

And most recently, Clark Musical Theater
Clark Musical Theater puts on a musical every semester, and this spring they’re during Urinetown, which is a fantastic commentary on capitalism with enough bathroom-themed jokes to satisfy your inner child. I was asked to be in the pit orchestra for the show, and I’m stunned at what a talented group of students this is. In my experience (all one and a half semesters of it), Clark Musical Theater puts on amazing shows, and if you don’t attend them you’re truly missing out.

This is just a small sample of what there is to do here. Clark has so many clubs to offer, whether they be athletic, artsy, food-related, religious, academic or any other category that I seem to have missed. If there’s something you want to do that Clark doesn’t have, it’s incredibly easy to start a club for it. I have a friend who’s in the works of starting an aerial silks club. Keep an eye peeled for that . Incoming first-years, what are some things you’re interested in exploring while you’re in college? Let me know!

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