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February 17, 2013

I Ran Away From Clark

Spotted on the Met Steps (I felt like I was on Gossip Girl)

Last week I wrote about working through stress and how to maintain a stable head on your shoulders when homework gets you down. While I gave you all my regular, go-to strategies, last weekend I took a different approach; I ran away. After dealing with the hustle and bustle of college academia for a few weeks, I was convinced that I deserved a break, so I packed my bags, grabbed a few friends and took off for New York City for four days.

Previously, I had never spend enough time in New York to be able to appreciate it in full (one trip lasting less than 24 hours definitely doesn’t count), so I was incredibly excited to spend some time there. Two days before Faith, Nhia and I were about to leave, there was talk of a snow storm. Being the Alaskan that I am, I blew it off. I live in snow 8 out of 12 month of the year, so I was convinced that I could definitely handle driving through a snowstorm. I didn’t start having doubts until Thursday evening, when it was announced that Clark would be closed on Friday. Snowstorm Nemo was turning out to be a whole lot more rowdy than I had anticipated.

Snow fell all day Friday, and through the night, leading to a statewide driving ban on Saturday. I was crushed! At that point, I was convinced that my brief vacation was cancelled for good. Luckily, the ban was lifted at four, so we quickly stuffed our suitcases and snow snow boots in the car and took off. Surprisingly, the roads weren’t terrible in Massachusetts or New York. Connecticut, though, was a madhouse. By the time we passed into Connecticut, the sun was setting, and soon we were driving through snowy winds and poorly plowed highways in the dark. Luckily, we made it to Queens, where we were staying, with no incidents at all, except for a minor blip when we got stuck pulling out of a Dunkn Donuts parking lot.

On the first day, we made the long journey from Queens to Manhattan, grabbed a cup of coffee like the true college students that we are, and dashed of to the Metropolitan Museum of Art. I was beyond impressed. My brain probably exploded a few times. If I had to choose one thing to be the pinnacle of “sensory overload”, it would be the Met. There are so many things to see, and the museum is so expansive that even if we had spent the entire day there, I wouldn’t be able to see everything. After being reluctantly dragged out, we sought out food (Chipotle, of course, my obsession), danced on the giant piano in the company of four year olds at FAO Schwarz, and finished off the day at Yoga to the People in St. Marks Place. Yoga to the People is absolutely incredible. It’s completely free, open to the public, and while the class is extremely challenging, it isn’t impossible. I can say that without a doubt, that it was the best yoga class I had ever been to. If you’re curious, check out their podcasts on iTunes.

On Monday, we ventured and shopped, dined at Chipotle once more, and I saw three rats crawling around by the subway tracks (they’re gross, but so cute!). We went into Mood, the fabric store that all the contestants on Project Runway use (Tim Gunn wasn’t there, and I was very disappointed), saw Willow Smith, and went into a

A glimpse of the aerial yoga studio, sans yogis.

lot of clothing stores that sold clothes that are too expensive for me to even consider thinking about buying. We wrapped up the day by going to an Aerial Yoga class at Om Factory.  It was a lot like a regular yoga class, but you use silk hammocks that are suspended from the ceiling. We got to climb, swing, and even flip upside down, and live out every acrobatic-related dream we could have imagined. It was fun, and definitely interesting, but I wouldn’t say it was massively life-changing.

Tuesday, our last day, was spent in Brooklyn, where we ate incredible food, shopped at amazing thrift stores (I got an expensive, designer sweater for $20!) and saw Mumford and Sons in concert. I have absolutely no shame in admitting that I cried twice. It was absolutely incredible. Being surrounded by thousands of people in a basketball stadium who all share a passion for the same music as you is an experience beyond words. It was the best way to finish off a relaxing weekend away from Clark.

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