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February 4, 2013

Extraordinary Opportunities I Received at Clark

An incredibly high-quality photo I snapped of John Kerry at his speech at the College of the Holy Cross!

One, among very, very many reasons I absolutely adore Clark is that this university is somehow able to provide its students with absolutely incredible opportunities, whether they be invitation to events, presentations and speakers, or free or discounted admission to a myraid of things.This weekend, Clark enabled me to attend not one, but two fantastic, once in a lifetime events that I previously would not have been able to attend.

On Thursday (I know it isn’t technically the weekend, but roll with me here) I went with the Democrats of Clark University to see John Kerry give a speech at the College of the Holy Cross. John Kerry! The Secretary of State! Isn’t that amazing? He discussed his time as a Senator in Massachusetts, and his profound love for this state and for Worcester. He laid out several broad areas of policy he hoped to develop, and spoke about his inspirations and his positive thoughts for the future of this country. It was so inspiring to watch someone talk about achieving such a prestigious position in such a humble manner. Despite my adoration for political speeches, my favorite part of the entire event was to be in a room filled with hundreds of college students who were excited about politics. College students are often discounted as being ambivalent towards anything that’s occurring in their country, so it was beyond beautiful to experience such an event with people who I knew are equally as involved and excited as I am.

A few days later, on Sunday, I paid my first, long overdue visit to the Worcester Art Museum. I went partially to see the Kennedy to Kent State exhibit, partly because my friend Lloyd is in the Clark Bars and they performed there, and partially because all college consortium students get free admission. If you’re ever in Worcester, you absolutely must go to the art museum, it’s stunning. If you’re a college student here at Clark and for whatever reason, you haven’t been to the art museum, you’re doing something seriously wrong.

The Kennedy to Kent State exhibit was truly eye-opening. It featured photographs of major events in the 60′s, some of which I had heard of and some I didn’t. I was familiar with many of the photographs, but I was moved by the ones that I hadn’t seen. Most of the ones I had never seen before were extensions of events I had read about in history books that showed a more sensitive side to American history, like Jackie Kennedy at LBJ’s inauguration in her dress stained with her husbands blood, or the wife of Nguyen Loan’s tearful wife holding up a picture of her husband with a gun to his head, and even the Beatles goofing around in a swimming pool. I left the exhibit with a sincere appreciation and a firmer understanding of what happened in the 1960′s. I finished the exhibit just in time to run up to see the contemporary artwork (it’s charming, you have to go) before the Clark Bars began their performance. The Clark Bars are Clark’s mixed a capella ensemble, and they were absolutely amazing, just as they are at all of their other performances. They even did a 60′s themed set to compliment the Kennedy to Kent State exhibit.

I’m so thankful for these two opportunities, among many, that I’ve had thanks to Clark. I’m positive that they won’t be the last, and I can’t wait to see what amazing things Clark brings me in the future.

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