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November 26, 2012


What I’ve Learned in College

Am I writing that five page philosophy paper? Nope. I see you, Grandpa.

As my first semester draws dangerously close to its conclusion, I’ve spent a considerable amount of time reflecting on the valuable life skills that I’ve adopted. I’ve learned to juggle the demanding schedules of my two mistresses, school and friends, I’ve mastered the art of functioning on a less-than-desirable amount of sleep, and I’ve even learned to deal with minor grievances, like food smeared on every surface in the kitchen and having to wear shoes when I shower. Despite all these valuable skills, the most important thing that I’ve learned how to do since I’ve come to Clark is how to procrastinate like a champion.

This holiday weekend, I was supposed to be working on two papers for my philosophy class. Naturally, I looked long and hard for every and any distraction that I could find. I realized that, since the beginning of the

Procrastinating back when it was still shorts weather.

semester, when I have something challenging to work on, I feel the need to take incredibly horrendous photos of myself using the camera attached to my computer. It’s shocking to look at the picture, and the date, and to connect it with what I was supposed to be working on at any given time. It’s like a blast to the past, selfie style. For some ungodly reason, I find the act of documenting how ugly I can be incredibly amusing, but only when I have something to do and I don’t want to do it.

Over the holiday weekend, I really, really didn’t want to work on my philosophy paper. I took 50 pictures of myself. No kidding. I watched four movies in the span of two days. I even spent a significant amount of time watching one of those home improvement shows (NOT with Tim Allen. Gross) where they show up and

Writing blog post?…nope.

magically renovate your kitchen/bathroom/backyard/basement.  It wasn’t until the night before I was headed back to the university that I really made any significant progress; my mother  called me and promised that if I finished my paper, she would pay for me to go to P.F. Changs in Boston on my way home.

And you know I got that thing done in less than four hours.

My overarching lesson that I would like you to draw from this, dear readers, is that college has taught me that I have found out what college is really all about; doing what you want and still getting things done.

And also that food is an incredibly powerful motivating force.

  1. Lloyduh
    Nov 27 2012

    i lyke dis blug

    • Melissa Miller
      Nov 27 2012

      Thank you, kind sir.

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