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November 12, 2012

Election Day!

The greatest thing happened to me this week. On Tuesday afternoon, as I was standing in the freeeeezing cold in Red Square, encouraging my fellow Clarkies to go vote, one of my classmates who I had previously registered to vote approached me and said, “Melissa, thank you so much for helping me register, I wouldn’t have been able to vote without you”. Not even kidding. This was real life, and it feltĀ so totally awesome. Just knowing that I had helped someone exercise their

Even Freud was excited about the election

democratic right to vote gave me the warm-and-fuzzies (only figuratively, because I was still cold).

Election day was a very exciting affair here at Clark. Everyone was very, very fired up about the election. Members of the Democrats of Clark University club got up at 6:30 in the morning to kick off the voting at a church across the street, and were outside in Red Square encouraging people to vote all day. Is that dedication, or what? The excitement was practically tangible. Fortunately for me, I got to sleep in, since I had cast my absentee ballot about two weeks ago. However, I did go spend some time in Red Square to get out the vote, escort people to the polling place across the street, and hand out exciting stickers and whatnot (unfortunately, not the “I Voted!!!” stickers, which our polling place didn’t feel the need to have). I even held up signs on the side of the road for Elizabeth Warren!

After sign holding in the cold and the highly anticipated viewing party, I swung by the International Student Organization’s International Food Fair, which was the last installment in their week-long event, International Journey. I’m pretty sure I died and went to heaven. The International Food Fair was basically a culmination of all the wonderful, amazing food on the planet, downsized, and crammed into Tilton Hall.

International Journey was so great, and the food was so tasty.

International Students represented their countries (including America…yeah, they brought McDonalds) and made food for us uncultured Americans. Honestly, I’m not sure why Americans eat the food we do, because people in other countries are eating waaaaay better than we are.

The rest of my evening was spent sandwiched between some of my closest friends in The Grind as we watched the election coverage in anticipation. When CNN projected Elizabeth Warren to have won the senate seat for Massachusetts, the Grind practically exploded. A lot of people in that room (including me) had put a lot of time into her campaign and were really rooting for her, and the excitement when she won was almost overwhelming. That doesn’t even come close to what happened what they announced Obama to be the winner of the election. I wouldn’t be surprised if about twenty people broke into tears. People were hugging, and screaming, there was chanting, and, for whatever reason, people felt the need to stand on tables. If I had just walked in, I probably would have compared the scene to the the Two-Minutes Hate in 1984.

Overall, a thrillingly political day. The worst part was when my phone died and I couldn’t tweet about it anymore.

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