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November 4, 2012

Hurricane Who?

Yes, the hurricane was almost a week ago, and yes, Kevin and Pinar already beat me to the punch on writing about it, but I’m going to write all about it anyway.

Sandra D...Sandy?

Unless you live under a rock, you know that there was a hurricane last weekend. I’ll just start off by saying yes, I’m safe, and no, it wasn’t that horrible. Well, it wasn’t that horrible here, but I’d like to remind you that the residents of Massachusetts and the students here at Clark University are very luck to not have been poorly effected by the storm. My heart and thoughts go out to the people whose lives were affected not only in New York and New Jersey, but also Haiti, Jamaica and Cuba.If you’re feeling so inclined, you can donate to the Red Cross for disaster relief right here.

That being said, when I heard there was a hurricane approaching last Saturday, I wasn’t really sure how to handle myself. Sure, I can deal with a snowstorm, but a hurricane is quite different. I had so many questions that I felt I needed answer to in order to survive the hurricane. Do I need to take shelter? Is there such thing as a hurricane shelter? That’s the same thing as a typhoon, right? Will I lose power? Should I skip town? What are the chances of a tree falling down and crashing through my window? High? Medium? Will the backup generator provide enough electricity so I can use the coffee pot? Is it reasonable to do homework by candlelight?

Needless to say, there was a lot of hype. I even went to the grocery store with Pinar (link) to get emergency food (chips and salsa, ice cream sundae poptarts, a roll of cookie dough, and a bag of chex mix). I’m very happy to say that I wasn’t the only one who was unsure of how to handle themselves. Some people were saying we were going to lose power for days, some people were saying that it’s all just a bunch of bunk, and tons of people were joking that this was the first sign of the impending apocalypse.

On Sunday night, the state of Massachusetts was declared to be in a state of emergency, and all classes were cancelled. This led to my only class on Tuesday, a discussion section corresponding to a class I had on Monday, to be cancelled as well. Woohoo! I was expecting Monday to be a crazy day filled with the residents in my hall to be bouncing off the walls and getting stir crazy, and I was convinced that something was going to get broken, but surprisingly, not much happened. The hype of the storm had dimmed, because all we got was a torrential downpour and some wind, and everyone locked themselves up in their room to finish all the

Slumber party!

homework they had put off all weekend.

I ended up playing Pokemon with my friend Lloyd all day. Exciting, right? Later that night, since most everyone had run out of ways to occupy themselves, some people in my residence hall through together a slumber party. I can definitely say, in the most cliché way possible, that a disaster such as hurricane Sandy brought us all closer together (Awwwwwwwwww).

Little did we know, the lights in the hallway right next to the lounge never turn off.



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