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October 28, 2012

What I’ve Been Up To

I recently realized that I spend a lot of time talking about angsty feelings, or midterms, or whatever, but I haven’t dedicated any part of any of my weekly post to what happens in my daily life. Of course, I’m not going to sit down and write about every menial detail of my daily life, but I feel like you, high school juniors and seniors who are exploring collegiate possibilities (my assumed audience) might be interested in what a college student does with his or her daily life. Of course, I do all the typical collegiate things: go to class, whine about how poor I am, eat ramen, stay up way too late, and so on, but I do other exciting stuff too. So, here we go!

Melissa Miller: Political Activist

As everyone in pretty much the entire world knows, 2012 is a pretty big deal. Not only is the world supposed to end, but the presidential

New Hampshire Canvasing group!

election this year is of mass (tee hee) critical importance. I decided to do as much as I can to become active in election stuff. I joined the Democrats of Clark University, with whom I’ve been doing some campaign stuff for Elizabeth Warren and President Barack Obama. Just last weekend I got the opportunity to travel to New Hampshire (which I’ll talk about a little later) to knock doors for Obama. I even registered some of my own peers to vote in the upcoming election! I’m so grateful that Clark has given me the opportunity to do everything I can for the election.

Melissa Miller: Tutor Extraodinaire

Every Tuesday morning I tutor high school freshman at Worcester Technical High School (which, by the way, is not only a beautiful school, but the idea behind it is so amazing, learn all about it here!) who are in the AVID program. AVID stands for Advancement Via Educational Determination, and it’s a college preparatory program designed for kids who are capable of doing AP work but need an extra push in the right direction. As a tutor, I help the kids use problem solving strategies to work out concepts they’re struggling with, or to work through problems in a group setting. I usually work with the students who have problems with Algebra I, which is a class I really struggled with as a freshman in high school. It feels so awesome to be able to help someone understand something that I know I struggled with myself.

Melissa Miller: Radio DJ

Our soundboard. We'd be nothing without it.


Tuesday evenings from eleven to midnight, my friends Sasha, Colby and I host a radio show on Clark’s radio network called It’s Almost Wednesday where we play indie folk nonsense (or whatever we want, really. Once we played a song from Lord of the Rings), make fun of Colby, and have an all around great time. Tune in sometime, we’d love for you to listen!

Melissa Miller: World Traveler (Kind of)

Okay. So I haven’t actually traveled the world quite yet, but being at Clark has given me the opportunity to go places I’ve never been before. Over fall break, I went to Cape Elizabeth, Maine, to stay with Sasha, since it currently costs more for me to go to Europe than to go home. It was amazing, because the suburban areas look exactly like Anchorage suburban areas, sans mountains. We did a ridiculous amount of shopping, I got to eat at Panera again (!!!!!) and she took me to the most photographed lighthouse in the world (which I of course took a picture of).

A few weeks later I went to Derry, New Hampshire to canvas for the Obama campaign, and it totally kind of looked almost exactly like the street from Desperate Housewives. Kind of. I had laughed at the idea of going to New Hampshire, because to me, it seemed like the one place in America that no one cares about. The joke was on me, though, because New Hampshire is absolutely beautiful. It was like suburban paradise. America’s best kept secret. It made me feel so domestic, like I should be baking a cake or something.

Here it is, ladies and gentlemen, the most photographed lighthouse in the world.

Here it is, ladies and gentlemen, the most photographed lighthouse in the world.

And that, friends, is a very loose adaptation of my life the last few weeks. Pretty cool, huh? The life of a college student is filled with adventure.

Yesterday I stayed in bed until three in the afternoon eating candy and watching clips of Ron Swanson from Parks and Recreation. Not every adventure is created equal, I suppose.

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