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October 15, 2012

Settling In

As of tomorrow, I’ll have been at college for eight weeks. It’s really strange to think about it that way, because it feels like I’ve been here forever. For a long time (if you consider a time period of less than eight weeks a long time) I felt like I was at something closer

Eight weeks in, and I've already got the most spectacular friends.

to a summer camp rather than a university; you don’t get over the feeling of having class twice a day, rather than for six hours straight, overnight.

The other day, I was sitting in my statistics class, and as we were learning all about t-statistics and what they’re used for, when I had an epiphany: I’m in college! I don’t really know exactly why I was so excited about being in college eight weeks after I started, but I was really pumped about it. I have a feeling that it was because I was no longer mentally occupied with the hassles of moving across the country and getting acclimated to a new life somewhere else and finding friends and making sure I had benign household things like dishes and light bulbs and so on and so forth. Or maybe I’m just easily excited.

Honestly, I feel like all of this settling in just took a lot of time. For the first six weeks or so, everything felt foreign and new. It kind of made me feel like I lived in one of those model homes that real estate agencies have set up in new neighborhoods that you can

walk around in and imagine what it would be like to live in a fancy new house. Everything felt very temporary.

Pre-settling in

Ever since my epiphany, I’ve spent a significant amount of time reflecting on my life here at Clark, and how I truly feel settled in here. Every day, my room feels less like a borrowed space and more like something that really belongs to me. I fell into a very nice weekly schedule, and I managed to sort out what clubs I actually belong to, and which clubs I just happen to get email from. I even began thinking of Clark as more of a home, rather than a temporary location at which I get an education.

Post-settling in!

It feels so great to finally be settled in; definitely worth the wait.

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