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October 1, 2012

My Boston Adventure!

Due to the population of my hometown, Anchorage, it is technically classified as a city. However, after spending three and a half minutes there, you would come to the definite conclusion that it most certainly should not count as a city. Frankly, while I love cities, I can only tolerate them for about three days maximum. This is why I love Clark’s location so much; Worcester is close enough to Boston that I can get there easily without throwing away my life savings whenever I particularly want to, and yet far away enough that I don’t have to live with the constant bombardment of lights, noise, and the pungent exhaust/sweat/urine/cigarette

Off to Boston!


This weekend my friends Sasha, Colby and I decided to make a trip into Boston to see a First Aid Kit concert. I was really excited about it, not only because I was going to spend some time in Boston, but also because I was getting to see a band that people actually cared about (most bands who come to Anchorage are usually burned out, desperate groups who were at their peak popularity in 2004). We traveled straight into Boston from Worcester by bus for only $10, and although our bus was announced to be an hour late, it arrived precisely on time and we made it into Boston with a few hours to spare.

We had a few hours to kill before we had to head to the venue to stand in line, so we decided to head over to Newbury street to check out some of the shopping. It was a magnificent collection of pretty much every single clothing store I could think of, along with some adorable boutiques. Although Sasha and I were practically drooling, Colby somehow persuaded us into leaving, because he was less than impressed with the shopping (men…they just don’t understand).

On the way back to the Royale, where the concert was going to be held, it was mutually decided that we

The beautiful Boston Commons

Colby connects with nature

needed to take two stops. We walked through the Boston Common, which was amazingly beautiful. It seriously looked like something straight out of a storybook, not something that belongs in the middle of a concrete jungle. My favorite part was the ducks, because that had absolutely no fear of people. If you tried to chase after them, they just walked away, instead of flying into the water. The squirrels were similar; Colby even managed to almost touch a one. Let’s hope he didn’t contract the bubonic plague.

Our final and my favorite stop was at Panera Bread (fun fact: It was established by a Clarkie!). I had never been there before, since we don’t have one back home, so it was a totally new experience for me, and let me tell you, I thought I had died and gone to heaven. It was seriously amazing. I didn’t know my taste buds could

Enjoying lemonade from's almost as good as the bread

derive so much happiness from a sandwich. I was seriously disappointed when I finished eating.

The concert was, of course, amazing. After it was over, we went to Panera one last time and then headed over to South Station to take the commuter rail home. It turns out that the commuter rail didn’t run all the way back to Worcester after a certain time, so we ended up stranded in Framingham. Not too long after we got off the train, our phones all died, and Sasha and I almost broke into tears. Fortunately, a very sweet girl from WPI heard us loudly complaining about how stupid we were and offered to share a cab with us, since she was in a very similar situation.

Needless to say, it was an eventful night. But hey, it was an adventure! I had so much fun in Boston, and I can’t wait to go back for more city adventures, and hopefully more Panera.

There were mixed feelings about being stranded

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