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The Lightness of Senior “Finals.” And Free Glowsticks.

   From Stefanie Gough on April 22nd, 2014

Hey guys, sorry my post is a day late! I tried to do it yesterday, but then I was like “computer, get away from me,” because I had just spent the last 24hours staring into its screen as I finished my thesis and turned it in. That’s right, THESIS. IN. BOOM. I missed Holi, True American, and the Easter Egg Hunt, but I DID IT! It’s finally overrrrr!! And I feel awesome. Now for the 18 minute presentation at Academic Spree Day, and then I actually never have to think about it again. Until grades come out, I suppose. (I realize it sounds like I hate my thesis, and I should probably clarify: I love it. I love the topic, I think it’s super interesting. I just have been working on it for a year, soooo… yeah. Long time period + short attention span = no good.) After I dropped off the two printed copies for my readers in a daze, I finally looked outside and realized what a gorgeous day it was. So I joined the rest of the Clarkies on the green, lounging in the sun and reading The Unbearable Lightness of Being. Other than that, school has really just been a whirlwind of social activity haha. No real finals (#seniorlife), so instead, I’m hitting up every possible event I can manage. Especially the ones with free food ;). The realization of how wonderful undergrad life is has set in. Clark’s ONE (awesome student group in the movement to end  [ More ...]

Host Reflections — “Exhilarating…top 10 experiences (of) Clark career”

   From Dulara de Alwis on April 22nd, 2014

Two weeks late, but, I cannot not post about my Gala hosting experience. Presenting to an audience of more than 4000 was absolutely exhilarating and will go in my books as one of the top 10 experiences of my Clark career. This year, we kept the skits short and sweet, hoping to enhance the gala experience instead of boring you to death. As hosts, we also made it a custom to present ‘fun facts’ about respective countries that were performing in Gala. I shall dedicate this post to the host video commercial and some of my favourite skits of the show and I hope you enjoyed them as much as I did. Pictures of the days comings up to gala: For the host commercial video, we embodied the “Share the Moment” theme of Gala this year. After much brainstorming, we decided that it would be cool to have a historical dimension to it i.e. how has prior generations shared the moment. On that note, Liam played the role of a caveman during which he used abstract painting as a way of ‘sharing the moment. Rahul played the running man during which he used a scroll as a way of ‘sharing the moment.’ Alisson played the character of a Victorian-era lady who used a bird to communicate with his husband and thereby ‘share the moment.’  I played the role of a narcissistic renaissance man, who was pretending as if he was painting a female model (Nikala in this case), and drawing a picture  [ More ...]

Easter Weekend Away: Firsts

   From Jessa Green on April 21st, 2014

Sorry for the delay on this post! I was gone this weekend visiting a friend’s family for Easter weekend. This weekend I… visited Wayland Mass, spent a holiday with my friend’s family and her roommate, dyed Easter eggs, made baklava, took a (short) road trip with friends, and so much more, all for the first time in my life! I’ve been invited for Thanksgiving every year I get told I am more than welcome to visit my friends and their families in other parts of Massachusetts, New York, and even Connecticut. All these close-by surrounding states are filled with families knowledgeable that students like me, with family so far away, are in need of a place to stay. A ‘home away from home’, if you will. Well, this past weekend was the first weekend I ever said yes, and I am so glad I did. This weekend I got to go to Wayland, Mass. with my best friend Tracy and her Roommate Kendall. It was a BLAST! Being from something of a ‘weird’ family growing up there are some things I never got to do for Easter, even though we celebrated it. The biggest one was dying eggs. My family didn’t eat eggs, so why would we hard-boil eggs just to put pretty colours on them? I think my dad would have died of shock and horror if we had. Honestly, I did NOT know what I was missing. Max (Tracy’s dog) in bunny ears! I am twenty-one and I just had my first  [ More ...]

Senior Banquet, Lessons Learned.

   From Kevin Carriere on April 21st, 2014

This Saturday, we had our Spring semester banquet for the Ballroom Team. And, during that, the seniors get honored and get some gifts. This year, I got a pillow, and was told “It’s for if you ever miss us, you can squeeze it as hard as you need to!” Luckily, my best friend, Michelle and I, kept each other from crying by quietly making jokes while younger members and seniors talked about their experiences with the team. Michelle and I dancing on the tables after the banquet… I tried to explain how I felt about the team – how that club showed me what “fun” meant. But I don’t think I was able to explain it enough to them. And a part of me really wants to tell them again. Because, I was involved in a few clubs in high school. You, as potential applicants, I’m sure are also involved in clubs. I don’t know how to explain why it’s different in college- you have the same four years (sometimes more, my high school was 7th-12th) and it’s the same idea of a group of friends you grow with. The four graduating seniors But, I still find college different. In high school, you’re learning who you are in relation to yourself. College, you learn who you are in relation to everyone else. And Ballroom – you get to learn who you are in relation to relations. Partnerships, teammates, and yearmates, you grow closer  [ More ...]


   From Amy Yeager on April 20th, 2014

On my daily breakfast commute to the cafeteria, I was stopped at Red Square by a prospective student and (I am assuming) her mother to take a photo of them together with the Freud statue. (If you guys are reading this right now, hello!)  Of course, I eagerly agreed and snapped a photo, their two smiling faces contrasting sharply with the disinterested Freud focusing on his never-changing book. After returning her cell phone, I had a good chat with them both about Clark and their future plans as well as my own. I felt so tickled to be called over to take the picture, even though I think I was the only other person there at the time. I felt even happier when they asked me questions about the school and I could answer them confidently. They asked if I was happy here, and I responded with an enthusiastic “Yes!”   After a few more minutes of lighthearted chit-chat, my brief encounter was over, and I wished the prospective student and her assumed-to-be-mother well. As I continued on to the cafeteria, I thought about the other most recent occasion I was asked for directions. Unfortunately, this incident did not go so well. A woman approached me and asked if I could help her figure out where she needed to go as she was both lost and late. I said “sure!” and we went on our merry way. (If you are reading this right now, I’m sorry, again.) She asked me  [ More ...]

Missing the Bus home

   From Fileona Dkhar on April 20th, 2014

With finals week coming, this weekend was probably the most time I could get away from my books. On Friday, there was the dance showcase by Clark’s Hip-Hop Collab. It started off as a Beyoncé dance marathon. But after a segment of flannel shirts, some insane moves and K-pop music, I was jamming in the back seat like nobody’s business. Then came Saturday, the day which I now recognize as my most “unfortunate” day since I became a Clarkie. So I have been to Boston twice. YES, TWICE!!! And both times because I had to fix my computer. So I never really had the time to visit the glorious city. I sometimes choose to be a cocooned on-campus slug (I just had to catch up on Orange is the New Black, sorry). But Clark’s Student Council has always had free shuttle bus-trips to Boston. So I FINALLY decided to join in on the bandwagon. Also, I’ve run out of summer clothes and I had to do some thrifting. Additionally, a professor recommended this bookstore named Schoenhof’s in Cambridge, MA. Honestly, I just wanted to be prepared for the 82 Fahrenheit Indian summer(books and dresses I mean). And it was also a good plan for getting in some stories about Boston (for those family members who think I am an adventurous traveling student). So come Saturday, we left for Boston. It was all good. We managed to eat some good food and good thrifting. Then we  [ More ...]

Hip Hop

   From Rian Watt on April 20th, 2014

All credit to Last night, for what I imagine will be the last time, I attended a Clarkie performance in Atwood Hall; in this case, Hip Hop Collabo’s Choreography Showcase.  I’ve been going to HHC shows since my freshman year and, in all that time, I’ve never seen a better show at Clark than the show they put on last night.  It was fast, it was incredibly well choreographed, the music was great, and the energy in the room was unbelievable. As I left Atwood, I tried to tease out exactly what about this particular show made it feel more meaningful to me than others.  It quickly became clear that the reason I responded so strongly had nothing to do with the choreography, or the sets, or the actual dancing.  The reason I responded so strongly was that most of the dancers onstage were my friends.  When I saw them up there, I felt the same feeling I felt three years ago: a warmth and happiness that comes from being amongst friends. The next four weeks – that’s all I have left until graduation – will be absolutely crazy, and I’m sure there will be a lot of moments like this one, where the graduation goggles come on and I stop thinking dispassionately about my Clark experience.  I think that’s ok.  Remembering all the hard times will happen later.  For now, I’m happy to take a few final looks with rose-colored glasses.

Two Weeks

   From Julianne Murphy on April 17th, 2014

Spree Day In two weeks time many of you will be making one of the biggest decisions of your life thus far. In two weeks you could start a journal, plant a garden, learn how to knit, or, as in Dear John, you could fall in love. May 1st is soon, and so is your college acceptance deadline. A couple of weeks ago I wrote about hearing back from colleges. This is the final step – the decision. By now I am sure you have compared the academics, location,  extra curricular activities, retention rates, financial aid packages, dorms, diversity, etc. So then what is left? Which piece is the most important to you? What are you looking to get from your college experience?Perhaps it is academic rigor, a widespread range of majors and courses, or being close to a city and all of its resources. Do you want to join a particular club or get involved with community outreach? How about dorm life and, specifically, the freshman year experience. Do you want to graduate with the least debt possible? The majority of these questions have quantitative or qualitative answers that can easily be researched and found. What I suggest you look at is all of the other stuff that may not be as obvious at first. I’m talking about the things that don’t have strict answers – things like the people and the culture. These things are what set all of your choices apart. After all, college is  [ More ...]

Clark Diaries Authors

Kevin Carriere

Year: Senior (Class of 2014).

Major: Psychology, Concentration Religious Symbols.

Campus Involvement: Ballroom Dance Captain, President of Undergraduate Psychology Committee, President of Psi Chi Honors Society of Psychology, Editorial Assistant Culture & Psychology, Honors Project in Psychology.

Reason I Came to Clark: It felt like home when I first came here. I went somewhere else. And even after a year away, if anything, Clark just felt even more at home. Also, I had gotten in contact with a professor and his graduate student through email before accepting, and we all hit it off immediately and now work together all the time.

Where do you see yourself in 5 years: I will be finishing my Ph.D. in Cultural Psychology.

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Dulara de Alwis

Dulara de Alwis

Year: Senior (Class of 2014).

Major/Minor: Economics, with minor in International Development and Social Change and Mathematics.

Campus Involvement:  President/founder of ClarkU Investments and Trading Society, Senior Delegate and Award-Winner in the ClarkU Model United Nations Team, and Inducted Member of Fiat Lux Honor Society (2013-2014).

Reason I came to Clark: Good value for money and truly embraces diversity.

Favorite Course Taken at ClarkEconometrics - Though it is unanimously voted as one of the most challenging courses at Clark, econometrics in my opinion is vital for anyone hoping to take economics seriously. Not only is it an unwritten rule to include applied econometrics in economic journal articles,it is also a great scholarly tool to objectively illustrate one’s research findings.

Fun Fact about Yourself: When I was born, I looked directly at the doctor’s face and refused to cry.

Where do you see yourself in 5 years: Business school.

What makes you a Clarkie: Every orientation week, Dean Zelesky reiterates that Clark offers everyone a fresh start. As someone incessantly seeking to improve oneself in all aspects of life, I like to consider myself a student who has really adopted this idea of “redefinition”.

Link to Dulara’s Blog

Stefanie Gough

Stefanie Gough

Year: Senior (Class of 2014).

Major/Intended Major: Art History & German Studies.

Campus Involvement:Sinfonia, Week One Orientation Coordinator, Communication and Culture Office.

Reason I came to Clark: Actually, that’s a funny story…I was randomly Google searching, found it, and after scrolling through the website for an hour or so I decided I really liked the vibe of the school and the international aspect, and voila! Here I am :)

Where do you see yourself in 5 years: I’ll have completed my MPA degree at Clark, will hopefully have an awesome job at some museum or gallery or rolling around in an ice cream truck or something…and will either hopefully have already completed the PCT hike or will be preparing for it.

Link to Stefanie’s Blog

Jeremy Levine

Year: Junior (Class of 2015).

Major/Intended Major: English Major, Political Science Minor.

Campus Involvement: The Scarlet, Concert Band, Sinfonia, Musical Theatre, Quidditch, Scarlet Key (Admissions).

Reason I came to Clark: The short answer? I hadn’t fallen in love with any field quite yet, but I felt that Clark would be the place to do it.

Where do you see yourself in 5 years: Teaching high school English or working as an editorial assistant at a publishing house or a magazine that I believe in.

Link to Jeremy’s Blog

Melissa Miller

Year: Sophomore (Class of 2016).

Major/Minor: Environmental Science and Policy.

Campus involvement: Democrats of Clark University, Clark Concert Band, Eco-Reps.

Reason I came to Clark: When I visited Clark, I didn’t feel like I was trying to be talked into buying a membership to a ritzy country club, and I didn’t feel like the entire admissions staff was trying to drown me in how impressive the school was; Clark simply spoke for itself. Clark was the only university I visited where I didn’t feel like I had to be convinced to go there, I walked on campus and immediately felt like I had arrived at home after a long vacation. The students were comfortable, passionate, and academically driven, but not to the point where the student social life suffered, and that impressed me.

Where do you see yourself in 5 years:  Graduated, independent, and out in the world having adventures. In Peru, maybe? Or maybe Belize. Or maybe I’ll move to Oklahoma and start an alpaca farm, who knows?!

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Jessa Green


Year: Junior (Class of 2015).

Major/Minor: Management.

Campus Involvement:
- Work Study at Goddard Library
- Republicans of Clark University (RCU)
- Student Alumni Relations Committee (SARC)
- Clark Diaries and thereby Clark University Admissions! Coolest job around.

Reason I came to Clark: visited Clark when I was 16 and fell in love with it, and when I applied they returned with an offer I couldn’t refuse. The financial aid package was awesome!

Where do you see yourself in 5 years: In 5 years, I’ll be 25. I will have graduated from Clark 2 years previously and will hopefully be working my way up the corporate ladder. Probably doing something along the lines of Marketing / Sales (social media marketing!!). Oh, and in my free time I’ll be out and about taking photos of wherever I live.

Read Jessa’s Blog

Rebecca Liebman


Major/Intended Major: Global Environmental Studies, Innovation and Entrepreneurship.

Campus Involvement:Take Back the Tap, Student Alumni Relations Committee, EcoReps, Student Council, Women’s Club Lacrosse, I&E Program.

Reason I came to Clark: You’re not a number; you’re a whole person!

Where do you see yourself in 5 years:This changes on a daily basis, so live for the day and be happy!

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Dale Watt

Year: First-Year (Class of 2017).

Major/Intended Major: Geography and Physics.

Campus Involvement: Outing Club, Clark Undergraduate Student Council (CUSC), Ballroom Dance.

Reason I came to Clark I found out about Clark through my brother Rian. As I learned more about the school, I decided to apply. Geography has always been a subject I love, and Clark has one of the best (if not the best) programs in the country. Add Clark’s top-notch physics department into the mix, and I knew the school was right for me.

Where do you see yourself in 5 years In five years, I’ll probably still be in school. I’m hoping to get a PhD, most likely in Physics or Geography. But that’s not everything I’ll be doing – I’d also like to be traveling as much as possible (if I have the money).

Link to Dale’s Blog


Rian Watt

Year: Senior (Class of 2014).

Major/Minor: Double Major, Economics and Political Science.

Campus Involvement: Undergraduate Student Council (President), Residential Life and Housing (Resident Advisor, Blackstone Hall), CU Admissions (Scarlet Key Society), STIR Magazine (Copy Editor).

Reason I Came To Clark: Because I couldn’t get into anywhere else I wanted to go.  Much more interesting is the reason I stayed, after a first-year performance that would have allowed me to transfer out.  And that is that I fell in love with the sprit that absolutely captures Clark: earnest, unaffected enthusiasm for learning, aided and abetted wherever possible by Clark’s faculty and staff.  It’s my home now, and I couldn’t be prouder of it.

Favorite Spot on Campus: The academic commons, easily.  I have a reputation for sitting in a particular spot – at a tall table right alongside the quiet study room.  It’s relaxed, still social, and I do my best work there.  I’m keeping my fingers crossed that some eager first year hasn’t taken up residence there since I’ve been in London.  I’ve missed it!

Favorite Course Taken at Clark:  There’s a couple that really mattered.  The first, chronologically, was ‘Privacy Protection in Law and Ethics’, with Professor DeCew.  I took this couse during my first semester at Clark and loved the depth in which we covered our single issue – privacy.  It was a real introduction to college learning.  In the nearly three years since I took the course, privacy has moved into the national eye in a way that it wasn’t then, and I’ve benefited enormously by having thought about the issue at some length already.

Sophomore year, I took ‘Intro to Statistical Analysis’ with Professor Tan.  It sounds boring as heck – and in some respects, it is – but it allowed me to prove to myself that I was actually good at math (and, more broadly, quantitative analysis). That meant a lot for a kid who came perilously close to failing several math courses in high school.  Plus, Professor Tan is one of a number of folks who pointed me towards the LSE.

Lastly, I can’t fail to mention the second of two courses I’ve taken with Professor Michael Butler, who this year is also doubling as my thesis advisor: ‘Politics of the European Union’.  There’s an intensity to Professor Butler’s teaching that makes learning a real joy; coupled with the high standards he expects of his students, I’ve rarely learned so much so well as I did in this class.

Where Do You See Yourself in Five Years: From the beginning of the 2013-14 academic year, five years gets me to September 2018.  Plans change fast, so I’ll be as nonspecific as possible: I see myself finishing my second year of graduate school. If all goes according to ‘plan’, I’ll work for two years after graduation next May, then come back to the States in September ’16 to start my program, whatever it ends up being.


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Amy Yeager

Year: First-Year (Class of 2017).

Major/Intended Major: Biology / Undecided.

Campus Involvement: I hope to get involved with community service in some form, potentially tutoring or working with the elderly. I love reading so some sort of Book Club might be lurking around the corner, and I will participate in almost anything concerning art, if time permits.

Reason I came to Clark: Clark appealed to me because of its size, and the diversity of the student body. I grew up attending small international schools, and I didn’t want to completely abandon those things upon my arrival at college in the United States.

Where do you see yourself in 5 years: In five years, I will have graduated from Clark, and will be working towards a Masters Degree in whatever field I end up majoring in. Less importantly, I hope I will have acquired a cat by this time.

Link to Amy’s Blog

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