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January 25, 2014

I need a parachute cause I’m falling.

In one of his recent posts, Rian talked about what leaving Clark will mean to him.

I thought it was pretty appropriate – both for us, as seniors, and for you, as possibly seniors (or juniors) in high school as well. Or you transfers, thinking about leaving your current school. As I start hearing back from graduate schools with interview offers or other responses, I start realizing what I’m leaving behind. Security.

Because what you’re going to find is that, while leaving homecooked meals is scary, college does a great job at making you still feel like you don’t necessarily have to grow up yet. I’ve written before about what not to bring to college: mainly gossip, cliques, and attitude – but there’s still a secondary setting stone that college offers.

In just six months, I will need to start cooking every meal for myself. I will need to start dealing with roommates I’ve met on Craigslist. I will need to start working sixty hours a week on a single topic. And this was actually one of the main concerns from a graduate school interview I had recently - How will I be ready to move to a new city? And I think it was an amazing question that ties in so great with this short post because, in the end, Clark is my parachute.

Clark supported me with so much. I would not be here today, typing, writing about my experience, traveling around the world, if it wasn’t for Clark. Clark allowed me to avoid cooking for myself. Clark gave me all the tools and contacts I could need to prepare myself to graduate. Clark gave me friends, experiences, and memories. And soon, I’ll lose it all.


When in doubt, I’ll just find another Ballroom team to cook me dinner.

But it’s all not bad. I got through high school somehow and moved onto this life. Somehow I’m sure I’ll survive the college jump too. And while I don’t know where I’ll go after I land, at least I know I landed safely due to the parachute.

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