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January 2, 2014

Resolutions to resolve.

Happy New Years!

This January 1st / December 31st was my first New Year’s in a city. Most of my previous New Years was just sitting at home, nice and warm, by a fire, watching the ball drop on TV. Or, prior to being 18, sleeping through the ball drop. But this year, I thought it would be a great change to experience (obviously not actually Times Square) but some resemblance of a celebration.

And — through that, I ended off 2013 by bringing the total amount of times I’ve been in a fast food restaurant that year to: 1. Ah, Burger King. The warmth you provided that night to me was probably equivalent to the warmth you bestow in the millions of individuals on whose hearts stop functioning after eating your food.

1538665_10151986640384842_1844912278_nIt was a great night. And during it, of course we talked about resolutions – what people wanted to do, what they didn’t want to do, if we should express them or not (I heard something somewhere that ‘telling’ people what you are going to do is to your mind good enough). And, I thought about who I am, and who I was, and who Clark made me out to be.

I’m never really sold on resolutions. Prior to the New Year – I had already decided I would be working out next semester. I didn’t need a day to tell me it would be good time to get into shape, and I wouldn’t want to downplay my goal just because millions of others are making that similar goal on January 1st. ┬áIt will mean of course that the gym is going to be packed when we get back to school, but it still doesn’t mean it’s worth not doing it. I want to enjoy my year. I want to dance better and at higher levels. I have plans with my friends, my girlfriend, my family, and my career. I want to not forget to blog. So really, what do I want to do?

I have one resolution – but it’ll probably fail. And you know, I think that’s okay — because I have other goals that take a much higher precedent over it than that one. I’ve read articles both ways- tell your friends, don’t tell your friends — I think I’ll stick to silence. Either way, looking back on the past years, I’ve grown a lot. I’ve learned a lot more about myself within my 2 1/2 years at Clark than any moment of my previous college experiences. Whether that was Clark, or me, or finally deciding that a more of a cleanly groomed non-crazy mustache/goatee thing — changed me the most — I have to say that I’m proud of who I am and where I’ll end up. I know many of the opportunities I received in my life, and even as a Clark student, are rare and I’m extremely luckily to be where I am today.

I’m extremely comfortable with who I am today. I know who I am, what I can accomplish, and what I want out of my life. Growing up, college, Clark — they have given me more New Year Resolutions than a promise to myself I’ll probably break. But in the mean time, there’s a language I’ve been promising to learn for the past six months and a fun app that I can start up to get there…

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