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November 14, 2013


Excuse me sir, but I am basically a tumbleweed.

Jeremy recently posted a blog post about how he “was basically a tumbleweed.” I thought it was really cute – how he can roll around from one group to another and never feel out of place. But sadly, he could never be more wrong.


See, the thing about tumbleweeds – if you watch those Western movies, it’s the shot that happens right before something REALLY EXCITING happens. The tumbleweed is the quiet before the storm. The still before the hero comes in and saves the day from the town. And the thing is – what Jeremy talked about so well – is that he is the hero! And you can’t be both the hero and the tumbleweed. But – you need the tumbleweed to introduce the setting, to introduce the environment, to introduce the hero of the day. So, how am I that tumbleweed.


The hero walking to save the day…

Now, the tumbleweed. I provide the setting – the directional flavoring of where the winds turn, when the times seem the most boring — then BAM, excitement. I’m the creator of the switch – you think there’s nothing here, but how wrong you’ll end up being.

We have over 130 clubs on campus - and with only 2,270 undergraduates – it’s almost impossible not to take a leadership position in one – or three. I’m currently President of Psi Chi, Undergraduate Psychology Committee, and captain of Ballroom Dance. Club life is super important here – on Friday there is Varient and Dance Society’s show along with Salsa’s social, the next week is Hip Hop, the week after that is a Clark Bar’s A-Capella performance. The club life at Clark gives the life – it is the hero that saves us from the mountains of homework and the insanity of finals. Club life is the air we breathe and the excitement we crave. And a lot of the time, it’s hard to realize how much work is put into making the performances, events, and shows a reality.

And Jeremy – the typical Clarkie – he’s the hero. He shows up to the setting I provide. I gave him the tools, the direction, and he takes it and makes it his own. He goes to those events. He participates in his concert choir. He cheers on the Clark athletes and brings baked goods to classes to share.

Screen Shot 2013-11-14 at 12.51.32 PM

I went Batman — and I don’t regret it.

And the thing is — you can be both. Clark gives us the opportunity to be both the tumbleweed, setting the stage for someone else, and the hero, eventually having the opportunity to bask in the light. Because college is about learning both when to take the bow yourself, and when to allow others to shine in their own way.

So, this week — this one is for you, Jeremy. Shine in your own way, because I’m basically a tumbleweed. I’ll be in the background, the true backbone, the reason why you stand strong and smile and do amazing at Sinfonia — because you deserve some recognition for being awesome.

  1. Jeremy
    Nov 14 2013

    This is beautiful.

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