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October 31, 2013

Magical Mystery Open House

“… Wes was awarded the Aristotle prize by the Metaphysical Society of America for “Modality and Mental Illness.” He was awarded the Frank Thompson award for excellence in sleight of hand. Wes is a…”

Wait. What. That can’t be right. Reading my professor’s biographies is a favorite past time of mine (NO IT’S NOT WEIRD) until I stumbled upon this. Sleight of hand? In a biography listing off prizes? Typically these things include like, “Look, I got these grants, wrote all these books, and am editor of fifty journals!” But sleight of hand? I had to investigate more. And then! I got an email from another professor, telling me that the Philosophy Department would be having an Open House, where they talk about what classes they are offering and what requirements are for the major and the minor. Oh, and Professor DeMarco was doing some magic at the end.

So, I RAN to the Philosophy Department, and they made an amazing lunch appear right before my eyes.

1404546_10151760828848181_1703741668_oFirst off, WHAT! Amazing. All of the food was provided by [unofficially] the best pizza place around Clark, Fantastic Pizza. There were five different kinds of pizza, cookies, pretzels, chips, hummus, pita bread, AND SO MUCH MORE.

It was cool to see a small department actively saying, “Hey, we do a lot of cool things. We offer a lot of classes. We want YOU in our classes. So come enjoy free food.” You won’t find those in many other places – but I thought that in this room, Clark showed its knowledge of students quite well in two ways:

  • Free food
  • Active participation with professors and students

I say #2 because not only did Wes give an amazing magic show (If I took pictures, it would ruin it!) – but all the professors were there enjoying the food and talking with the students as well. And not simply about school work, but other things – including the Red Sox and what would be their eventual domination of the World Series, the great delivery of Fantastic, or I assume some professor was talking about the metaphysical justification for the ceribral circum locti makingupwordsthatsoundcool.

So, At Clark, you’re not only surrounded by magical faculty – faculty who can both do magic with their hands and also with their words [and you sit there and just bask in the glory of their genius) – but also you’re given the tools to do magic yourself. For example, this is my schedule next semester:


Yep. I’VE MADE MY SCHEDULE DISAPPEAR. Next semester, I am taking THREE directed studies. I got a credit ahead for doing the Luxembourg Program and for my final semester I will be just working on three different research projects — one, my honors; one, a conference in Brazil I will be presenting at; and one attempting at preparing myself to be a better thinker through examining some important philosophers.

But that’s just it – if you want to explore the human and women rights implications of the French ban of religious symbols, or uncover the meaning behind conditions within psychology and changing causality – or ANYTHING - there’s the opportunity for it here at Clark. And then, with all that free time, you can explore even more things – like learning how to do magic.



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